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Dear Members,
I am resending this message (below) because I haven't had any
response from ANYBODY about the origins of this political cartoon.
Surely somebody in Canada knows more about this?


I have just unearthed a political cartoon on the subject of language
policy in Canada that I have been looking for ever since I started
the cartoons page on the language policy site.  It is attached
herewith.  I wonder if anyone can identify when and where it first
appeared? It shows the figure of Stalin with upraised fist,
announcing that "you are mere steps away from Franglais
taking its rightful place in the nation of suspect languages."
Other figures in the picture are holding up signs
proclaiming that Rene Levesque is sexy etc.  Another sign
says "Vote oui!" and at the bottom, "Six Steps:"  Unfortunately
there's no mention of the six steps in this image.

(If your email system can't display the image, go to the cartoons page at

Any help identifying the source of this image would be appreciated!




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