Obama vs McCain on Domestic Issues: McCain favors establishing English as official language

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Sat Oct 18 19:05:10 UTC 2008

Obama vs McCain on Domestic Issues

This will be my last issues related political post unless something
dramatic happens between now and the election.  I am weary of the
media and their biases.  I am frustrated with negative ads.  And, I am
grieved by the economic news.  So I will be taking a break from
"tuning-in" to the campaign.  Where greed and the lust for power have
brought our country is disheartening at best.  That no one will end up
paying for their crimes against the American public makes my blood
boil but the sad fact is that we do not even recognize the mess we are
in as a criminal act.  Even so, from the looks of it we will be paying
for these "mistakes and miscalculations" for generations to come.  Yet
I did promise, so as promised here is my McCain Obama comparison on
education, crime, immigration, abortion, the environment, and energy.

As with foreign policy many of the differences between these two
candidates boils down to the size and power of the federal government.
 Where Senator Obama believes it is government's obligation to
identify and solve problems by creating programs and collecting monies
to fund those programs, Senator McCain believes most of the problems
can best be solved at the local and state levels, that it is the
federal government's job to call attention to issues, provided
incentives to find solutions to our problems, and protect the nation
from outside harm.  Still it is interesting to see how they differ in
the specifics while recognizing many of the same ills.

In the area of education both men see problems with the No Child Left
Behind policy.  As expected Senator Obama sees the biggest problem
being a lack of federal funding to go along with the federal mandates.
 He believes we need to invest in early childhood as well as higher
education.  He would pay for the college education of all who make a
commitment to teaching and provide $4000 dollars to anyone giving 100
hours of community service.  He believes we need to pay teachers more
and add 25,000 more teachers to the payroll.  Another one of his plans
calls for a free public college education to anyone who maintains a B
average.  Senator McCain, on the other hand, would not scrap No Child
Left Behind but would fix the places where one size does not fit all
by making schools answerable to parents.  He supports merit pay,
vouchers, and charter schools.  He believes parents need easier access
to help for their children, especially those with special needs and he
supports programs for at risk students.

Sticking with issues that directly affect families, Senator McCain
supports greater unpaid leave and flex time for employees with
children.  He is a proponent of labeling violent media and supported
the media Responsibility Act.  He favors making sure schools have
filtered internet access for all their students.  And, he has called
for doubling the tax exemption for dependents.  Senator Obama calls
for age appropriate sex education in the schools but in another
statement indicated that six is not too young to learn about the gay
live style.  He favors paid sick days and an expanded the Family and
Medical Leave Act.  He also sponsored a bill calling for a ban on the
high levels of lead in children's toys.

On the issue of immigration, Senator Obama supports providing illegals
with driver's licenses, federal funds for sanctuary cities, allowing
illegals to participate in social security, and supports the Dream Act
for children of illegal aliens.  He believes every student should
learn a second language but also favors establishing English as our
official language.  Finally he believes we do need to have more border
security.  Senator McCain believes we must begin by certifying that
our borders are secure.  His policy is not amnesty.  Insread he says,
"Amnesty is forgiveness, we offer fines, lines" and requirements.
Illegal immigrants would have to come forward or risk deportation.
They would have to learn English. McCain favors a temporary worker
program and agrees with Senator Obama's stance on allowing illegals to
participate in social security.  Finally, Senator McCain would deport
the 2 million illegal immigrants who have committed additional crimes
while in the United States.

On the issue of abortion there is a stark difference between these two
men.  About the only place they do agree is on the issue of stem cell
research and even then Senator McCain qualifies his support as being
limited to those embryos that would otherwise be destroyed.  Senator
Obama wants to insure access and funding for contraceptives.  He would
not stop minors from crossing state lines for the purpose of having an
abortion and would not require notification of the minor's parents.
Senator McCain is in exact opposition.  In addition Senator McCain
supports additional criminal penalties if an unborn child is harmed
during another crime.  He also believes an unborn child should be
eligible for SCHIP (government funded insurance) while Senator Obama
would flatly deny such eligibility.  Senator McCain voted for the ban
on Partial birth abortion.  Senator Obama did not, nor did Senator
Obama support the born alive legislation that came before the Illinois

Finally, with regard to energy and the environment both senators
recognize our need to reduce our dependence on foreign oil.  Both
support a cap and trade policy.  Both support the development of
alternative sources or energy.  And, both support a ban on drilling in
ANWR.  While Senator McCain would offer tax cuts and incentives for
the creation of green jobs and the development of alternative energy
Senator Obama plans to spend 150 billion dollars for electric car
batteries and new technology and another 15 billion to help free us
from foreign oil.  In addition he wants to raise fuel efficiency
standards (and fines).  Senator McCain believe we must begin to drill
(off-shore and in Alaska) now but that we must have an all of the
above (meaning we must develop clean coal, nuclear energy, wind,
solar, and bio-diesel resources) approach to solving our energy and
environmental problems and encourage the private sector to get to
work.  Again, the biggest contrast between their policies is the role
of government.  Senator Obama believes government must fund research
and development.  Senator McCain believes in free enterprise and the
ingenuity of the American work force.

With Washington's current record of ignoring the will of the people,
spending our tax dollars on pork, and not addressing the problems we
believe are important I am surprised anyone wants more.  At the same
time our problems are not going away any time soon so if government is
not the answer what is?  I personally believe we could be heading
toward a second Great Depression.  We have built our American Dream on
debt and our greed and need for instant gratification is catching up
to us.  During the last Great Depression the Church which up until
that time had filled the role of caring for people in need fell down
on the job and government took over.  It is time for the Church to
reclaim its role.  I do not believe the issues the emerging Church has
brought to the table are an accident.  By asking tough questions and
bringing our attention back to the gospels even some of the most
traditional denominations are having to re-examine their purpose and
priorities.  I choose to believe that the Spirit is moving and the
Church is experiencing a grand awakening–just in time.


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