"Cultural Identity and Religious Phenomenology"

Stan Anonby stan-sandy_anonby at sil.org
Wed Oct 29 00:53:14 UTC 2008

Hello All,

I'd like to read a dissertation entitled "Cultural Identity and Religious 
Phenomenology", by Ronaldo Lidorio. Would someone be able to point me to how 
I can get a hold of it?



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Subject: Missouri: Amendment 1 would make English official language for 
government meetings

> Amendment 1 would make English official language for government meetings
> Rep. Jerry Nolte, R-Gladstone, said the amendment is a pre-emptive
> measure that will keep government transparent
> JEFFERSON CITY — One of this year's Missouri ballot measures,
> Constitutional Amendment 1, would make English the official language
> of government proceedings but would leave translation services
> unchanged. Opponents of the amendment contend it is unnecessary and
> that it sends the message that Missouri does not welcome immigrants.
> Proponents say it would cause no harm to immigrant groups and would
> protect constituents by ensuring that citizens can understand
> government proceedings. Under the language of the amendment, a
> government proceeding includes any meeting, conference call, video
> conference, Internet chat or message board where public business is
> discussed.
> http://www.nationalpolicyinstitute.org/2008/10/27/amendment-1-would-make-english-official-language-for-government-meetings/
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