Bangalore: Language policy: 2002 Government Order quashed

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Fri Oct 31 13:21:10 UTC 2008

31 Oct 2008, 0021 hrs IST, TNN

Bangalore : Language policy: 2002 GO quashed

Justice HVG Ramesh quashed a government order passed on May 30, 2002,
related to another order of April 29, 1994, through which the
government made Kannada the medium of instruction for fifth standard
students. Justice Ramesh passed this order following a full Bench
verdict in 1994 on language policy. "Experts say children can be
taught many languages. So introducing English or any other language as
the medium of instruction at a basic level, while maintaining Kannada
as the main language, will give more knowledge to kids," he explained.

"In today's world of IT and bio-technology, communicating ideas with
people in a universal language is important. English is considered
universal. Learning to communicate technical jargons in the mother
tongue will also be difficult." "Teaching English at the primary level
will help kids to speak fluently and and write correctly. This skill
will help them in getting jobs in the country and abroad as a matter
of right to life." The petition was filed by Daffodils English School
and others.

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