Karnataka: Constitutional Law : Language Policy - Supreme Court Upholds HC Verdict

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Constitutional Law : Language Policy - Supreme Court Upholds HC Verdict
Posted on : 31 August 2008 by Y.Prakash [ Scorecard : 6864]

The state government's efforts to put its language policy on a firm
footing by extracting a stay order from the Supreme Court for the
state High Court verdict, has come to naught. The three-member bench
of the supreme court headed by Chief Justice K G Balakrishnan, at the
hearing of the special leave petition filed against the High Court
judgement by the government on Friday August 29, refused to consider
the government's pleas for issuing a stay order.

The court ordered issuance of notices to managements of private
unaided schools in the state, to respond to the SLP within three
weeks. President of Karnataka Unaided Schools Management Association G
S Sharma said that the association will study the petition and respond
to it suitably. He expressed the belief that the court will not come
in the way of the liberty the parents enjoy as far as choosing the
kind of education and medium of instruction their wards need to have.

Earlier, the High Court had upheld the right of the private unaided
schools in the state to choose the medium of the instruction of their
liking, duly quashing a part of the government order making it
compulsory for the schools to adopt Kannada as the medium of

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