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Today we have a new record: all messages concern the LPGA language policy!


  Lieu and Yee Help Rescind LPGA English *Language Policy*
By pswing
Leland Yee of San Francisco and Assemblyman Ted Lieu of Los Angeles were
able to help rescind the LPGA Tour Commission's suspension-penalty *policy*.
Both officials publicly challenged the legality and galvanized community
attention to *...*
AsianWeek - <> LPGA Asks
for a Mulligan on *Language Policy*<>
LPGA Asks for a Mulligan on *Language Policy* Bowing to a torrent of
criticism, the LPGA Tour on Friday dropped plans to suspend players who were
not conversant in English during its golf events. The tour said it would
announce a revised *...*
Daylife - Topstories - Sports -
<> LPGA backs off of *language
The *policy* was seen as particularly affecting the dozens of South Korean
players on the tour (reportedly there are 45 South Koreans out of 121
international LPGA members), many of whom have been event winners. *...*
O, by the Way -
<> LPGA softens stance on
*language policy* <>
The LPGA Tour has rescinded its edict that was going to require players to
speak English in 2009 or face penalties.
National Post - Sports -
<> LPGA has change of heart over foolish *language
By CAUSA Communications Department(Me)
Under mounting scrutiny, and probably threatened lawsuits, the LPGA had a
change of heart over their foolish *language policy*. LPGA backs down from
English *language policy* Circuit wanted to suspend players for not speaking
langage well *...*
CAUSA - <>

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