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5923: LPGA Says Oops. In English.
By HighJive(HighJive)
The LPGA's language-policy provision drew fire from State Farm, a general
sponsor of the league as well as of the State Farm Classic Tournament in
Springfield, Ill. "You can see what's intended," Kip Diggs, media-relations
specialist at ...
MultiCultClassics -

English and Golf: US LPGA backs down; Vancouver club does not
By reneethewriter
The Metro Vancouver club revealed it has an English language policy for
prospective members. It rejects applications from individuals who can't
speak English. As with the LPGA, the "target" group appears to be Koreans.
Canada's World -

Futures notes: Bivens in Albany but mum on LPGA controversy
By Pete Dougherty
"I'm not going to take away from Duramed Futures Tour," said Bivens, who
released a statement Friday about the language policy but has not fielded
questions about it. "This day is all about the Duramed Futures Tour. ...
Off the Green -

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