Russian Troops Kill Georgian Man in Abkhazia

Rusiko Amirejibi-Mullen r.amirejibi-mullen at
Mon Sep 15 14:27:24 UTC 2008

Tbilisi, 15 September:

Russian servicemen killed ethnic Georgian Anatoli Gobechia, aged 65,  
in Abkhazia. Representatives of the [Georgian-backed] Abkhaz  
government in exile told Kavkas-Press that he was killed in the  
village of Zemo Barghebi in [Abkhazia's predominantly  
Georgian-populated] Gali District.

Eyewitnesses said a Russian armoured vehicle, travelling at a great  
speed, crashed into Gobechia, who was riding a bike. Gobechia, who had  
survived, complained to the Russians and [the argument] grew into a  
verbal clash. Later Gobechia was found dead with a bullet in his head.

According to the Georgian side, there are no laws to protect the  
ethnic Georgian residents of the Gali District who are subjected to  
the arbitrariness of the Russian occupiers and Abkhaz separatists.

Source: BBC Monitoring Central Asia

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