Malaysia Education System Going Backward - Part 2

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Wed Sep 17 14:33:27 UTC 2008

Malaysia Education System Going Backward - Part 2

Posted by MD at 7:38 PM

According to Prof Emeritus Tan Sri Ismail Hussein who chaired the
Learning of Science and Mathematics in English Roundtable Conference
here, said 30 per cent of primary and secondary school students had
failed to adapt to the method of learning the two subjects in English.

Tan Sri Ismail also called on the Government to revert to using Bahasa
Malaysia in teaching mathematics and science in school from English,
just because 30% of the students failed. This clearly indicate that
the teaching methods is not effective and the teachers themselves are
not proficient in English. It's like a Kera teaching a Berok.
Education Ministry should solve these issues and really need to make
sure that the teachers are good in English and not changing the policy
and going backward. Changing policy (a typical flip-flop decision)
will take our education system to nowhere.

Tan Sri Ismail further challenged that the Government should be held
responsible for this state of affairs and the Education Minister
should be removed for failing to honour the responsibility entrusted
upon him if the Government did not revert to using the national
language. The Government can remove both Tan Sri Ismail and
Hishammudin, any time.

Tan Sri Ismail added that "... we have a language which has
successfully taken the Malaysian race into space". CRAPS! Dr SMS speak
BM with other international astronauts during his space tour. Would
you believe that?. One thing for sure is that Najib wasted millions
for the Kenot program

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