Calls: "Re-Imagining Identity: New Directions in Postcolonial Studies"

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Friday, September 19, 2008 "Re-Imagining Identity: New Directions in
Postcolonial Studies," Postcolonial Studies Association, Waterford Institute
of Technology, May 6-8,
This inaugural conference of the Postcolonial Studies Association will focus
on a broad re-consideration of the cultural, political, theoretical and
practical re-imaginings of the concept of 'identity' as it relates to the
field of Postcolonialism and the wider Humanities and the Social Sciences.
The conference aims both to explore current understandings of 'identity' in
a multicultural, globalised and conflicted world, and to encourage
disciplinary self-reflexivity. We welcome papers that interrogate the
conceptual category of identity itself, as well as those that relate to the
ways specific identities are constructed, assigned or imagined. Questions to
be asked will include: 'What is the future of Postcolonialism as a
discipline?' and: 'What is the relationship between received understandings
of "identity", specific formulations of key contemporary identities, and our
understanding of "the postcolonial"?'

The PSA invites papers from academics working in the disciplines of
Literature, History, Cultural Studies, Film, Human Geography, Linguistics,
Politics, Psychology, Religious Studies, Art, Music, Media & Communication
and related fields. Our aim is to bring together a wide variety of scholarly
interests and methodological approaches. Paper or panel topics may focus on
the following conceptual intersections:
§ Identity, Religion and Spirituality (the secular & sacred, New Age &
alternative spiritualities, the Enlightenment, sectarianism, religious
symbolism, fundamentalism)
§ Identity and Time (history, memory, policy, repetition, development,
modernity, eternity, death)
§ Identity and Language (language policy, seizing the pen, language as
mission and calling; propaganda)
§ Identity and Politics (resistance, war, terror)
§ Identity and Space (regions, blocs, global flows, the EU and the wider
world, the environment)
§ Identity, Theory and Disciplinary Boundaries (postcolonialism as a
discipline, theoretical approaches, the policing of knowledge,
multidisciplinarity, comparative postcolonialisms)

Panels will normally comprise three 20-minute papers. Proposal acceptance is
subject to organising committee approval. To submit a paper or panel
proposal please contact: Dr Christine ODowd-Smyth - codowdsmyth at or
psa at

Closing date for abstract submissions: 1 December 2008

For more information please contact:
Dr Gerri Kimber - gerri at or
Dr Marta Vizcaya Echano - martavizcaya at

Visit the conference homepage here:
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