Taiwan's mediocre results in English tests raise concerns

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 Does anybody have knowledge of:

1.) a language school in Taipei which does an outstanding job of teaching TOEIC (with an accompanying training program for its new TOEIC instructors), or

2.) a truly outstanding study guide for the TOEIC, such as a Princeton Review, Kaplan, that sort of publication, or

3.) any other great sources of nuts-and-bolts how-to? information for teachers and students on TOEIC (especially, but not necessarily limited to, something accessible to native speakers of Mandarin Chinese)?


Dan V.

Austin, TX

 PS: Please feel free to forward this question to your friends; thanks!


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Taipei Times

Taiwan's mediocre results in English tests raise concerns

Taiwan's international ranking on English language capability has

dropped, results from last year's Test of English as a Foreign

Language (TOEFL) exams showed.

Taiwan placed last among the four Asian tigers in overall performance

as well as reading and listening comprehension and essay writing, it


Taiwan also placed No. 16 among 20 Asian countries in last year's

International English Language Testing System (IELTS) results.

Another red flag was raised by the Test of English for International

Communication (TOEIC) results among English teachers in Taiwan, who

ranked 95 points behind teachers from all other countries in last

year's TOEIC.

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