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Wed Sep 24 11:28:56 UTC 2008

Dear colleagues,

As one of the book review editors for Language Policy, I would like to  
draw your attention to the titles listed below which I have received:

Kaplan, R. B. and Baldauf R. B. Jr (eds.) (2008). Language Planning  
and Policy, Volume 3: The Baltic States, Ireland and Italy. Clevedon:  
Multilingual Matters.

E. S. Alcón and M. P. Safont Jordà (eds). Intercultural Language Use  
and Language Learning. Dortrecht: Springer.

Zhao, S. and Baldauf, R. B. Jr (2008). Planning Chinese Characters:  
Reaction, Evolution or Revolution? Dortrecht: Springer.

Carli, A. and Ammon, U. (eds.) (2007). Linguistic Inequality in  
Scientific Communication Today. (AILA Review, vol. 20). Amsterdam/ 
Philadelphia: John Benjamins.

Barni, M. and Extra, G. (eds.) (2008). Mapping Linguistic Diversity in  
Multicultural Contexts. Berlin/New York: Mouton de Gruyter.

Lamb, W. (2008). Scottish Gaelic Speech and Writing: Register  
Variation in an Endangered Language. (Belfast Studies in Language,  
Culture and Politics 16). Belfast: Queen’s University Belfast.

Hornberger, N. H. (ed.) (2008). Can Schools Save Indigenous Languages?  
Policy and Practice on Four Continents. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.

Council of Europe (ed.) (2008). The European Charter for Regional or  
Minority Languages: Legal Challenges and Opportunities. Strasbourg:  
Council of Europe Publishing.

If you are interested in reviewing any of these, please contact me at l.oakes at 
, indicating the title and your postal address. Reviews should be no  
longer than 1,000 words in length and are generally due three months  
after receipt of the book. Editorial guidelines and more details about  
the journal are available at: 

I would be grateful if you could forward this list to any interested  
and qualified colleagues or students. Please also note our policy of  
only one review per person per year. If you have written a review for  
us recently, I would therefore appreciate it if you held off this time.

With thanks and best wishes,

Leigh Oakes

Dr Leigh Oakes
Reader in French and Linguistics
School of Languages, Linguistics and Film
Queen Mary, University of London
London E1 4NS
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 20 7882 8319
Fax: +44 20 8980 5400
Email: l.oakes at

Co-editor for Book Reviews (Asia, Australasia, Canada, Europe)
Language Policy

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