Jamaica: Foreign language policy to be implemented in schools

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Foreign language policy to be implemented in schools
published: Monday | September 29, 2008

The Ministry of Education is moving to implement a foreign language
policy for schools, according to Henry Harley, senior director of
human resources in the ministry. Speaking with The Gleaner on Friday,
during a general meeting for teachers of foreign languages, Harley
said it was important for Jamaicans to know a foreign language,
especially in light of Spanish and other investments here. "The fact
is that there are so many opportunities for us as citizens of the
globe to interact with the Caribbean and the rest of the world and to
be more adaptable," Harley told The Gleaner.

He noted that foreign languages are difficult to learn as one gets
older, and the ministry will therefore be focussing on the school
level. He said the policy, which is in the draft stage, will guide the
teaching/learning activities of languages. It will also outline the
methodologies to be used. Asked if the ministry plans to introduce
foreign languages at the early childhood level, Harley said he
strongly believed that there will be a focus at that level. The
objectives of the meeting, which was held at Caenwood Centre,
Kingston, were to share with teachers, information on upgrading
opportunities for them, as well as best practices in using interactive
methods in foreign language classes. Michelle McKoy of the University
of the West Indies, presented on interactive teaching techniques that
could be used in the foreign language classroom.

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