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Here's an interesting news item with politicians (finally) taking some steps
to promote African local languages by using it in official capacity.

Lagos Assembly conducts session in Yoruba

Lagos state governor Babatunde Fashola yesterday urged state Assemblies to
save Nigerian languages from extinction by emulating the state's legislature
which has begun conducting sessions in Yoruba.
Speaking at the first legislative session of the Assembly in Yoruba
language, Fashola said that the lawmakers had set a pace in preserving the
nation's language.
Fashola who was represented by Enoch Ajiboso, commissioner of agriculture
and co-operatives, said that the adoption of Yoruba as a second language of
legislation "was a right step in the right direction."
``It is a disaster to just let our languages die. It is not a federal
government issue, let every state be concerned,'' the governor said.
`` If the state House of Assembly can take this step, it will boost our
school children's knowledge of the language and they will appreciate their
``If we can teach them science and other subjects in the language, it is
going to bring a lot of development to the society in general," the governor
He advised that researches be conducted into the Nigerian languages to have
a lingua franca for the nation.
Mrs Chinyere Ohiri-Aniche, a lecturer from the University of Lagos, whose
idea gave birth to legislation in Yoruba in the Assembly, told NAN that she
had written to other states to start the same.
Ohiri-Aniche said Imo and some states in the North could also adopt
indigenous languages and expressed joy that Anambra, Ogun and a few states
in the North had begun.
She said that the nation's Constitution encouraged the use of local
languages by the state and federal legislators.
``Once we use the languages more and more, it will not go into extinction.
``The same way we hope that the federal government will implement the
provisions in the school system,'' she said.
The language expert explained that the issue of lingua franca was not as
important as preserving the more than 400 languages from extinction.
``One language may emerge but for now, let us encourage all to use their own
so that the languages do not die,'' she said.    


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