Language policy briefs for govt offiicials

Don Osborn dzo at
Mon Feb 23 17:13:16 UTC 2009

Has anyone done any work producing policy briefs/memos relating to language
for people in government who are in a position to influence language policy
and its implementation?


By policy briefs or policy memos I mean information presented in a succinct
way for an educated audience not specialized in the topic addressed.
Commonly these are used to advocate a position on the topic described. I'm
particularly interested in the form used, purpose or agenda promoted, and


I have found few instances on the web. A couple of examples:
RP_Winter04.pdf (a
61-page document which was described at  as a "policy brief" at
32> &L=lgpolicy-list&P=6132 )


In other domains, such as ICT policy, briefs are also used. An African
example is:


While I am referring to the latter  and others, I am still seeking examples
relating to language policy.


Don Osborn



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