Language policy briefs for govt offiicials

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Hi Don,
I am in the process of writing an annotated bibliography in preparation for a policy briefing paper on NCLB assessment and accountability issues for ELLs. There is a lot out there. It is just a matter of tapping into the right sources. I would look at the educational regional labs and agencies that advocate whatever position you are interested in. Many policy briefs follow a similar format, which you briefly outlined in your message.
I am attaching a few links with more examples to draw from:
One organization that works closely with policymakers and will also have briefs online is the Education Commission of the States. It might be worthwhile to contact ECS' information clearninghouse to ask them your questions. 
Lastly, I did a quick search and the Language Policy Research Unit at Arizona State University seems to have a comprehensive list of links to language policy, research and professional ogranizations. After doing another quick search within some of the links provided however, I could not find as much as I did by doing a google/googlescholar search on a given language issue.
I hope this helps. I am not sure if this answers your question.
Jennifer Crandall
PhD student
Administrative & Policy Studies
University of Pittsburgh

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Has anyone done any work producing policy briefs/memos relating to language for people in government who are in a position to influence language policy and its implementation?
By policy briefs or policy memos I mean information presented in a succinct way for an educated audience not specialized in the topic addressed. Commonly these are used to advocate a position on the topic described. I'm particularly interested in the form used, purpose or agenda promoted, and evaluations. 
I have found few instances on the web. A couple of examples: (a 61-page document which was described at  as a "policy brief" at )
In other domains, such as ICT policy, briefs are also used. An African example is: 
While I am referring to the latter  and others, I am still seeking examples relating to language policy.
Don Osborn

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