Estonia stopped translating the laws into Russian

Rusiko Amirejibi-Mullen r.amirejibi-mullen at
Fri Jan 2 14:41:59 UTC 2009

The state of Estonia stopped translating the laws into Russian,  
pointing to lack of money, ERR News reports.
That means nearly 400,000 citizens do not have access to the laws,  
rights and obligations that regulate their daily life in their native  

Translating the laws into Russian became non-existent after 2006, when  
the task was taken over by the Ministry of Justice. Before the task  
was done by Riigi Teataja Kirjastus.

The ministry translates Estonian legal acts to English and foreign  
agreements from English to Estonian.

The Ministry of Justice based the fact, that Russians can?t access the  
laws in their native language, on the lack of money.

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