particular incidents while recordings

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Indeed, this is usual.
It's a good idea to practice techniques on your friends and family before you do it with subjects. This makes sure that you have mastered the technology. 
You should also think of how you can make people feel comfortable and at ease.  Often giving them a task helps, as they then focus on the task.
A string of questions is not the best way to get good speech. If you use a Labovian interview it should be more like a conversation than an interrogation.
Open air, fans, televisions, hammering, road works outside, unexpected visitors......

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hi everybody , 
while recording with my informants , I have met some problems among them that some of them spoke little and it was difficult to elicit data . also , sometimes , the quality of sound while recording was not good especially in open air places  , in addition to some respondents who did not respect the meeting time and came always late !
and how about you ?
if you have recorded like me , could you share with me the experience and tell me which problems you have encountered while recording , and what are the sollutions ? 
best regards 

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