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The NLSC, is conducting a Pilot Program where U.S. citizens
with foreign language skills, dedicated to the idea that
language skills can make the U.S. and the world a safer, more
just, more prosperous place can use their language skills to
help others. The members serve as temporary Federal civilian
employees when called upon by U.S. Government agencies to lend
their language skills in time of need.

We are looking for people that speak
   * HAUSA
   * HINDI
   * THAI
 to join as Members.  Becoming a member of this organization
is completely voluntary and only requires a commitment if you
so choose.  The idea behind it is that there be a core group
of people with foreign language skills that are fundamental
for engaging foreign governments and peoples, particularly in
vital world regions, to promote understanding, and convey
respect for other cultures. These skills are also essential to
the provision of effective assistance to friends and allies
during times of crises and emergencies, and the successful
interaction with and understanding of the many diverse peoples
and cultures residing within the borders of our nation and its

More information is available on our website at

Should you have any questions or require additional
information please contact Linda Golbahar at
lgolbahar.ctr at

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