Saipan: Language panel meets to discuss critical issues

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Language panel meets to discuss critical issues
 By Nazario Rodriguez Jr.

 Members of the Chamorro/Carolinian Language Policy Commission board will be
holding their second organizational meeting today to discuss important
issues, including the creation of working committees. The meeting will be
held at the Office on Aging Conference Room starting at 9am. The CCLP board
members, who recently elected their officers, will also report on their
initial comments on the by-laws, as well as on Public Law 1596 and the draft
of the certification criteria.

 Copies of the draft, by-laws and the public law that they are tasked to
review have already been distributed by commission director Dave Omar during
the group's first meeting on Dec. 13. In that meeting, the commission
elected its officers: William I. Macaranas, board chairman; Vincent M.
Rabauliman, vice chairman; Tita Hocog from Rota, secretary; and Ben Borja,
treasurer. The other four members include Maria P. Mafnas, Rosa R. Warakai,
Vivian W. Odoshi and Angelina C. Fitial.

 Macaranas is a former executive director for the commission. The board will
review the existing by-laws for the commission due to the changes in the
mandates of the new public law. The board will also finalize the draft for
the criteria for certification of translators.
 "We will continue on what we have started. It's basically for the board
members to discuss issues pertaining to the review of the draft for the
certification criteria," Omar said. He said working committees may be
created immediately and such committees may depend on the outcome of the

 He said the board members are expected to submit their findings and
recommendations as well as comments and suggestions.
 The meeting is open to interested individuals who may want to know what the
commission is doing.
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