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Low-Educated Second Language and Literacy

Martha Young-Scholten (ed.) 2008. Low-Educated Second Language and Literacy
Acquisition. Research, Policy and Practice. Durham: Roundtuit.
146 pages ISBN-978-1-904499-31-2

The latest edited volume from the LESLLA (Low-Educated Second Language and
Literacy Acquisition) Forum, founded in 2005, contains cutting-edge
research on the language and literacy development of adult immigrants in
English-speaking and non-English speaking countries worldwide. Representing
work from several disciplinary perspectives are contributions from Sarah
Albers, Danielle Boon, Laura Chapman, Melanie Cooke, Alexis Feldmeier,
Kathryn Harris, John Hellermann, Alan Juffs, Jeanne Kurvers, Pauline Moon,
Guillermo Rodríguez, James Simpson, Helen Sunderland, Susanna Strube, Ineke
van de Craats, Catherine Wallace, Anne Whiteside and Alan Williams. The
book's initial section with chapters on adult immigrant educational
provision and policy in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands is followed by
chapters reporting on a range of studies on learner-internal factors
(interpretation of deixis, phonological awareness, recasting and uptake,
reading development and working memory) and on learner-external factors
(classroom interaction, content-based teaching, teacher education and
socio-cultural context).

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