Foreign-Born Are More Likely Than Native-Born to Earn Advanced

Damien Hall djh514 at
Thu Jan 29 20:14:52 UTC 2009

This article makes fascinating reading. I suppose the headline conclusion 
could be predicted for at least one reason: that one prominent reason for 
foreigners to come and be resident in the USA would be that, by virtue of 
their advanced qualifications, they were better-qualified for some job than 
any American who happened to apply for it. Therefore, if you are a 
foreigner and legally resident in the States, you are more likely to have 
higher qualifications.

For obvious reasons, though, the article only talks about foreign-born 
people who are resident in the USA; since Census Bureau data are being 
discussed, I presume this means people who have the legal status of 
Resident Alien, and maybe also citizens who were not born in the States. 
Others (Non-Resident Aliens) are not considered by the Census Bureau; at 
least, during my five years in the States, I was never contacted by the 
Census Bureau, though, since censuses are decennial, that doesn't 
necessarily prove anything. In any case, does anyone know whether there are 
statistics anywhere covering Non-Residents, and/or foreigners who earn 
advanced degrees in the States? Clearly, most people who earn advanced 
degrees in the States are Americans, but it would still be interesting to 


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