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Landlord bans swearing in his bar

A landlord has banned drinkers from swearing in his bar after being
shocked at the language used. Ian Milne, who runs the Royal Hotel in
Keith, Moray, has the new code of conduct on a board at the entrance
to the bar.  It warns customers: "Royal Hotel has a no swearing
policy. If you have to swear, do not come in."  Mr Milne said: "We can
occasionally let a swear word slip out, but it just seems to be every
second word."  Mr Milne took over the running of the premises last
November but has become incensed at what he said was constant bad
language.  The former oil industry diver said he was determined to
clear the air.

He said: "It became apparent that bad language was being used in the
bar, to the extent that I had to put the board at the door stating
bluntly that it will not be accepted, and if anyone wants to swear
while having a drink, then don't come in.  "It seems to be worse in
young people.  "A few days ago a couple were in for a meal with their
nine-year-old daughter. "Two young women came in and their language
was so bad that I had to warn them there was a child present.

"They became stroppy and asked if the girl was old enough to be in the bar."

He said most customers had accepted his new swearing policy.

'Quite right'

Mr Milne continued: "One of my regulars was absolutely astounded at
what I was trying to do.

"If bad language is used the customer will be politely asked to stop doing so.

"If it continues then they won't be served, and if they continue the
police will be called."

Mr Milne believes the bad language policy has not affected takings.

He said two regulars came in after reading the sign outside.

He added: "They didn't swear once, and one of them asked why I was doing this.

"When I explained he said I was quite right, and that everyone was
talking about it."

Story from BBC NEWS:

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