Georgia, diversity

Rusiko Amirejibi-Mullen r.amirejibi-mullen at
Sun Mar 22 21:11:05 UTC 2009

is the first electronic database in Georgia that is fully devoted to  
and covers full array of issues related to ethnic minorities. It is  
specifically designed to serve various types of users. The web-site is  
trilingual and will provide its services to its users in Georgian,  
Russian and English languages, thus improving the accessibility of the  
information resources for all audiences.

Database offers useful information for diverse range of users ? every  
citizen of Georgia can get information on the history and culture of  
ethnic minorities living in Georgia and follow regularly updated news  
on ethnic minority related developments in the country, access ethnic  
minority related legislation database as well as comprehensive list of  
projects and programs carried out by the state and different local and  
international organizations; get acquainted with ethnic minority media  
programming, and access the researches and other reports developed by  
local CSOs, international organizations and the state agencies;

Web-site aims to raise awareness on ethnic minority related processes  
in the country, their history and culture, promote integration and  
tolerance and encourage wider public engagement in these processes. will promote the benefits of diversity, and contribute to  
the development of the sense of civic unity among the diverse citizens  
of Georgia.

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