Australia: The Flame, March 2009 -- Arabic-language supplement

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The Flame, March 2009 -- Arabic-language supplement

15 March 2009

Read the March edition of the Flame here

With the help of Socialist Alliance members in the growing Sudanese
community in Australia, Green Left Weekly is publishing a regular
Arabic language supplement.

The Flame covers news from the Arabic-speaking world, as well as news
and issues from within Australia. The editor-in-chief will be Soubhi
Iskander, a Sudanese activist who has endured years of imprisonment
and torture at the hands of the repressive government in Sudan.

“There are Arabic newspapers in Australia, but still all reflect the
views of their editors and there is a great need to establish a
progressive Arabic-language press which can frankly discuss the
squalid condition of the Arab world due to submission and subservience
to neo-colonialism”, Iskander explains.

“At the same time, the Arabic-speaking communities in Australia need
to read articles relating to the Australian government policy
internally — articles which will unmask the pitfalls of these
policies, and will expose the violation and the lies of the capitalist

Iskander and his team are working to involve progressive activists
from other Arabic-speaking communities.

GLW is proud to be taking this major step to broaden the audience for
progressive ideas and news of the movements for radical political,
economic and environmental change. We know we will not achieve radical
change without bringing together all sections of the oppressed and
exploited in a common struggle.


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