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Hubbell Elementary – An IB Candidate School
Language Policy Draft

The primary language of instruction for all students at Hubbell
Elementary School is English.
All students will receive instruction in a world language other than English.
School Language Philosophy

At Hubbell Elementary, we believe language is fundamental to learning,
thinking, and communicating. Language is an integral part of the
curriculum, connecting the subject areas and allowing students to
demonstrate their knowledge and understanding. All teachers at Hubbell
Elementary are viewed as teachers of language and maximizing language
instruction and resources is essential. We believe in the acquisition
of more than one language as a means to enrich personal growth and
help facilitate international understanding. We promote the
maintenance of mother-tongue language for cognitive development and
cultural identity and see parents as a critical partner in the
development of language.

Guiding Principles

 The Des Moines Public Schools Language Arts curriculum maps serve as
a guide for language instruction in listening, speaking, reading, and
writing, at all grade levels.
 Maximizing resources and increasing instruction time grounded in the
literacy components of word knowledge, fluency, writing, and
comprehension supports language development.
 Professional development is provided for all teachers to support
language goals.
 The library offers a variety of materials to encourage language
development and media literacy.
 Transdisciplinary instruction includes specific language goals in
authentic contexts.
 A variety of texts and resources are used to meet the needs of all
learners in various genres.
 Supplemental language materials are available to support classroom
 Literacy skills, including listening, speaking, reading, and
writing, are assessed on a regular basis within the performance
expectations of the grade level.

 All students receive weekly instruction in the world language of Spanish.
 Spanish instruction is differentiated for the many levels of
proficiency in each grade.
 Students are assessed on their progress and held accountable for the
Spanish language learning as an academic subject.
 Spanish is reported on the report card and discussed during
conferences with parents.
 English instruction is provided for students whose mother tongue is
other than English through the English Language Learners Program.
 English language acquisition is assessed on a regular basis within
the performance expectations of each level of proficiency.
 ESL materials are available for all teachers to use as needed.
 Professional development for the ESL teachers is provided by the
DMPS school district.
International Baccalaureate Organization, Guidelines for developing a
school language policy. Wales, UK. 2008
International Baccalaureate Organization, Making the PYP Happen: A
curriculum framework for international primary education. Wales, UK.


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