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We will make you Brittany: Meeting with Andre Lavanant, candidate in Finistere
Publié le 24/02/10
BREST — Why did you commit for these regional elections?

My wish, early, was to work for the Breton language as it is for me
the collective living good dearest to Brittany. Comforting the
achievements to which I participated: Diwan for a long time with all
stages from kindergarten to graduation, the center Oaled in the field
of leisure, Stumdi in the field of adult education, Dizale in the area
of audiovisual ... I did it the way you build a house that will
withstand storms, methodically. The Breton youth! They motivated me. I
am involved for them. Thinking about it I became an entrepreneur in
order to conform my actions with my deep thoughts. Contributing to
giving work in Brittany and when possible on the basis of double
standards, professional and that of the language. Furthermore, I am
not comfortable with the left-right dichotomy. I am dual. In this
respect We will make you Brittany is a space for a new breath. And
then, we must love to commit! I love Brittany because its inhabitants
are brave, stubborn, friendly, rebellious, workers, travelers,
reactive to solidarity ... ... We can be even better: have more
confidence in us, let us be enterprising, let us share the best wealth
produced, have respect for things passed, become even greater, let us

Why is the development of the language a force for progress?

The development of all languages is a force for progress. It is a sign
of respect for living things. The language belongs to those who
practice it, understand it. It is a landmark. An anchor. Language is a
medium of exchange of emotions, knowledge. I think the Breton people
understand this problem. There should be more people who seize, a
linguistic revolution would take place. Brittany would be the winner.

You think the audiovisual can help?

A Breton audiovisual in Breton is an essential component of social
cohesion in Brittany. The radio network will be consolidated. The
image and then television have an important role for the circulation
and processing of information. Every self-respecting country has its
own channel (s) of television. In this regard our proposals are clear
and voluntary. The new broadcasting technologies and new media will
take a few years to stabilize. Here we have opportunities. To date on
the (real) Brittany we have 4 channels TNT (1 public and 4 private)
and 5 to 6 channels via Web. The media are television screens,
computer monitors (all flat), mobile phones. Our TV solution in 4
years is in the intersection of these different technologies of
transmission and reception. The « TV Tasmant » project is also in
terms of producing realistic and achievable and we must pay great
attention to quality and diversity of the material produced. Do not
forget the corollary: training, jobs and potential jobs that will thus
be created. (TV Tasmant: voir le site)

So it is the priority for you?

If however there is an order of priority to prescribe it would be in
2nd place. The 1st goes to school. It's even an emergency. 6 years
ago, the Basque Country got its Public Office « define registration
procedures in schools and teaching sections in the regional language.
» The result is obvious: the Basque Country (equivalent to a ½
department) opened 25 locations, 31 locations in Brittany on 5
departments. The majority in the current Regional Council say they
requested from the State to manage the school map of bilingual
courses! Unfortunately, we have not witnessed the « brawl » that was
conducted to get it!

School and broadcasting will be the major objectives of the list We
will make you Brittany in the language policy of the Regional Council.
However life does not stop there and other points are developed in our

Why does the duo culture-economy bring added value?

Culture is the anchor of the mind, nourishes the soul and heart.
Economy is the anchor of the body, providing comfort, ease. Both are
put in synergy to create vitality and enthusiasm. The identity of
Brittany is made of its cultural base. How many times do we use this
identity at home and even outside to introduce ourselves?
Assertiveness is being. Being is living and acting so that we make
this country a land of future. Much more important things must be
developed in coming years to ensure harmony between Upper and Lower
Britain, the Gallo and the Breton one. We are committed to fight
against Parisian selfishness that breeds in Brittany. If the Bretons
knew more of their history, their conscience would be greater. That is
why the youth of bilingual schools has more chances because they are
less ignorant. In the future regional assembly we will introduce a
device access to the History of Britain for the students or for all
youth. The whole of Brittany, from the Abers to the Borders, all its
components will benefit. I find it particularly interesting that the
network Made in Brittany is also the bearer of this dynamic
economy-culture. It is a sign of better understanding of two different
worlds that share common goals. Is also indicates a desire to live a
common destiny, this is where I think the best brand for sustainable


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