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International Indigenous Language Policy Research Conference


Extended Call for Papers Deadline: January 30, 2010

Indigenous communities of the Americas face daunting challenges in
maintaining their respective languages in the midst of rapidly
expanding global influences and the impact of national and local
educational policies that often place Indigenous languages in conflict
with majority languages. In the Americas alone, 1,000 languages have
already disappeared or reached the threshold of extinction within the
last quarter century. The future survival of remaining Indigenous
languages has been an increasing area of concern among many Indigenous
groups engaged in emerging community-based and school-based language
initiatives. As these efforts have emerged, a major source of conflict
has often been the impact that social, economic, political and
education policies have had on these initiatives. Research about the
long-term effect of policy development upon the survival of Indigenous
languages has been of particular concern among Indigenous leaders,
educators, and advocates working on behalf of Indigenous communities.
A central aspect of our Center’s mission is to facilitate an
international dialogue about policy issues that will foster a better
understanding of the unique issues challenging Indigenous communities
in the maintenance and survival of their respective languages. Our
goal is to explore the commonalities that will help build
collaborative support and advocacy of Indigenous language maintenance
efforts by bringing together scholars and advocates representing
diverse language communities. We believe that Indigenous peoples of
the Americas share a unique historical, linguistic and cultural link
that has sustained our respective cultures for centuries. We also
recognize that the future vitality of Indigenous languages is often
threatened by rapidly growing global changes. There is much to be
learned from the experiences that different Indigenous communities
currently face as a result of local and national policies in education
and government.

Conference Focus In our 2010 International Language Policy Research
Conference, we will explore the following topics and issues:

International social, economic, or political polices and their impact
on grass root efforts for Indigenous language maintenance and

National education policies and their on impact Indigenous language
maintenance initiatives.

The role of school and community-based efforts in the survival of
Indigenous languages and key issues and challenges facing Indigenous
language communities.

The impact of early childhood education policies and programs on
Indigenous language loss or maintenance.

The influence of local educational policies on community practices of
language maintenance and formation of language attitudes among
Indigenous youth generations.

The role of national and local educational policies in hastening or
mitigating Indigenous language loss.

The role of national or local education policies in shaping the
broader social and cultural contexts for Indigenous language survival.

Submission Guidelines We invite prospective presenters to submit a
proposal following these guidelines. All proposals must address one or
more of the conference topics or issues listed above. Deadline for
submission is January 30, 2010. Notification of accepted Conference
presentation will be issued no later than the first week of February
2010. Proposals accepted for presentation will be posted to the Center
website at the conclusion of the conference. Please submit your
proposal with the following required information:

1. Title of Presentation or Paper
2. Presenter’s Name, institutional Affiliation and/or Indigenous
language affiliation
3. Specify Type of Proposed Presentation:
Research Paper: Paper presentations will be scheduled for 45 minutes
followed by 15 minutes for questions and comments from the audience.
Panel: Involves 3-4 presenters addressing a common topic. Panels will
be 2.5 hours, INCLUSIVE of panel presenter time, moderator or
discussant commentary time and audience questions or comments. Poster
Sessions: Provide an informal opportunity for presenters to discuss
and provide information about language maintenance or revitalization
initiatives in their communities. A display of information, materials,
visuals, or other sample resources is organized by the presenter and
displayed for a 2-3 hour block of time. Poster presenters are expected
to be available to discuss their initiatives with Conferees during
this time period. Graduate Student “Research work in Progress”: These
45 minute sessions provide graduate students an opportunity to present
research projects in progress, gain feedback, and discuss relevant
issues with Indigenous scholars, researchers, and university faculty.
Research projects must be related to one or more of the topic areas
listed above.
4. Abstract (300 words or less)
5. Presenter’s Contact Information: Email address (and FAX if
available). Phone information where we may contact you. Your Mailing
6. Description for printed program (50 words or less)
Email or FAX your submission to: Dr. Penny Bird, Program Manager:
(505)277-8362 Email: cpbirdsd at unm.edu For further information about
the Conference contact: Dr. Christine Sims, Assist. Professor:
(505)277-3175 Email: csims at unm.edu
Dr. Penny Bird, Program Manager: (505) 277-0537 Email: cpbirdsd at unm.edu
Department of Language, Literacy & Sociocultural Studies
University of New Mexico, College of Education
Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA


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