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Mission Statement

One of Symbiotic and Sustainable Systems' principle aims through its
cultural literacy mandate is the sustainability of cultures around the
globe.  Although the Welsh Language Act 1993 does not place a direct
legal obligation on voluntary organisations to offer services to the
public in Wales through the medium of Welsh We believe that retention
of native language makes a crucial contribution to sustaining a
culture.  The am of this policy is therefore sustainability Welsh
Cultural through its language.  Below is how Symbiotic and Sustainable
Systems plans to incorporate the Welsh language into its working and
philosophical framework as is 'appropriate and reasonably

Policy Aims

	Recognise Symbiotic and Sustainable Systems unique location in Wales;
	Recognise, respect and actively seek to sustain the Welsh Culture;
	Support an explicit recognition of the bilingual nature of Wales;
	In its dealings with the public Symbiotic and Sustainable Systems
will treat Welsh and English on the basis of equality.  Both languages
will enjoy the same status and validity;
	Symbiotic and Sustainable Systems is committed to maintaining and
developing general information and guidance leaflets through the
medium of Welsh where appropriate;
	Symbiotic and Sustainable Systems recruitment of staff is conducted
under fair and open competition and always appoints the best person
for the job.  We will actively seek to recruit Welsh speakers as

Policy Actions

	Information contained on the Symbiotic and Sustainable Systems
website will be available in both Welsh and English, although new
information may not be submitted in both languages simultaneously;
	All feedback questionnaires relating to events organised by
Symbiotic and Sustainable Systems will be available in both Welsh and
	Letters of invitation to meetings, conferences and seminars arranged
by Symbiotic and Sustainable Systems in Wales at which members of the
public will be present will be bilingual;
	Every advertisement, statement and press release by Symbiotic and
Sustainable Systems to the press and media in Wales will be structured
as follows:
	Bilingually in English language publications primarily circulating
within Wales.
	In English only in publications circulating mainly through the UK.
	In Welsh only in Welsh language publications.
	All workshops and courses will be conducted through the medium of
English, except those specifically organised for the sole benefit of
Welsh Language clients.  Until such time as a Welsh Speaker is
employed by Symbiotic and Sustainable Systems this will be implemented
through the use of a Welsh translator.
	All workshops and courses will incorporate reference and
acknowledgement of the unique Welsh characteristics of the area in
which they are located.
	Any material or documents, including notices, agendas and minutes
needed for the occasion will be produced in the language in which the
event is conducted. We will aim to provide translations with in one
month of the event if requested by client.
	The implementation and further development of the Welsh Language
Policy will be reviewed by the Management of Symbiotic and Sustainable
Systems on an annual basis;

This policy has been produced in the knowledge that with an increase
in provision there is often an associated increase in demand, and, as
a result, what is ‘appropriate and reasonably practicable’ at present
may be subject to change in the future. Therefore, in response to
this, consideration of what is ‘appropriate and reasonably
practicable’ is an integrated part of the annual review of the scheme.
 Likewise, staff recruitment and training required as Symbiotic and
Sustainable Systems develops will actively seek to recruit Welsh
speakers as appropriate.

Signed			____________________________
				Proprietor - Symbiotic and Sustainable Systems
Date of Policy Review:	1st June, 2011

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