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China under globalization, foreign language education policy
17 May 2010
Posted by jewelry88888

In the context of globalization, the countries, languages should be
considered as national wealth, national master several languages is a
national resource. Australian Federal Government in 1984 issued a
"national language policy" (A National Language Policy), proposed by
the Japanese, Indonesian, Chinese, French, German, Spanish, Arabic and
indigenous languages in 14 different languages for the "priority
language" (priority language), a comprehensive real

Shi, "all residents to learn a language other than English" policy.
This made people realize that the country multi-language multi-dialect
valuable social and cultural resources, should not be regarded as
national unity and socio-economicjewelry development of the obstacles
on the road. The United States was able to be together with the values
of various cultural products and lifestyle marketing world, in
addition to the support of national power, the main advantage is
language dependent, and this is still America's soft power is an
important powerful characterization. In this casefashion jewelry,
foreign language education policy has become more necessary and
important. UNESCO said: "The education policy is to set the direction
of education development priorities, objectives and principles, the
basic principles underlying the development and to achieve these goals
and choose the method." Which consists of four phases: education
policies, education implementation of the policy, education policy
analysis, education policy assessment. natural jewelryThe development
stage is the most critical policy-making well, solved all the problems
of education, policy development well, not only can not solve
education problems, may also bring new problems, resulting in costly

Raise the awareness of Chinese language education. Mother tongue
education is the basis for all foreign language education. In Chinese
education and Chinese life, many Chinese people's strong sense of
language, foreign language re-light language attitude. China's process
of reform and opening up awareness of neglected mother tongue
education, basic education over-emphasis on foreign language teaching,
so that students neglect of motherjewelry stores tongue learning, the
essence of the native culture superficially. In fact, the neglect of
mother tongue education has seriously affected the level and language
ability, which reflects the most prominent is the low translation
ability. Awareness of mother-tongue education in China is not strong
enough, the need to strengthen the level of Chinese language education
policy research, and international promotion of Chinese language in
China policy are only just beginning, and many need to practice and
research. Let us look at the attitude of other countries treat their
mother tongue: Japanese international conference opened in the home
except under special circumstances when the generally speak Japanese.
France was even greater, the French law at the international
conference to talk French. wedding jewelryThis does not mean they will
not English, in private to talk about when we can use English. Mother
tongue education, awareness of the impact of the individual and the
nation are profound, awareness of one's mother tongue can
subconsciously reflected in his behavior, in. In 1999, the UNESCO 30th
General Assembly decided to February 21 each year identified as
"International Mother Language Day (International Mother
LanguageDay)", in order to enhance the awareness of people's mother

Establish a sense of national security needs. Foreign language
education policy is a matter of political, economic, diplomatic,
defense, education, pearl jewelryculture and events of international
status, China's current diplomacy and international relations is
increasing. For example, the establishment and consolidation of
China's active with the African countries, diplomatic relations,
already have 45 embassies. Although most African countries have access
to official languages such as English, French, Arabic and Portuguese,
but sometimes in order to successilver jewelrysfully carry out foreign
affairs still directly control the local language. However, there are
foreign language specialists can use Foreign Language, also can not
satisfy our need for foreign affairs and international relations. Over
the last decade, the proportion of English in high schools, other
languages have been seriously neglected. Russia and Japan are not only
our neighbors, but also politically and economically are very
important country, out of national security considerations, we need to
know their domestic situation, analysis and studies related to
national defense information in order to better address potential
national security issues. In China, Russian and Japanese
languagecrystal jewelry teaching in secondary schools in the state
shrinking, so low the situation is very normal. Comparison of U.S.
foreign policy, national security objectives, we can easily find
almost no foreign language policy of clear national security goals, we
should learn from American experience, constructed as soon as possible
consistent with our national security needs related to foreign policy.

Promotion of education in general knowledge of English philosophy.
Economic globalization, our foreign language teaching has been greatly
improved. English language learning in particular, has reached an
unprecedented level of popularity of the point. State-owned
enterprises, foreign trade companies, military and education sectors
on the demand for graduates of a single foreign language classes have
been reduced to zero. In April 2000 "syllabus for English Majors,"
approved by the Department of Higher Education issued the execution,
clearly Englishnecklaces,rings training goal is to "have a solid
foundation in English language and the extensive cultural knowledge
and proficient use of English in foreign affairs, education, trade,
culture, science and technology, military and other departments
engaged in translation, teaching, management and research work in the
compound of English talent. " This shows that the English language as
a tool, has gradually been integrated into the general education
category in.

Promote the process of foreign language education elite. The context
of Higher Education Professional Training Mode foreign language has
someearrings,bracelets limitations, most obvious consequences is that
some students, after four years of study after graduation showed weak
academic curiosity, knowledge, tunnel vision, thinking ability and
strong defects. Reflect the high quality and sophisticated elite
character of the Foreign Language Training Foreign Language Education
goal remains an important direction. China's current foreign language
training undergraduate, graduate students have a considerable number
of doctoral-level teaching and research university aims to cultivate
talent, but the leaders of the translation of jewelry, the
International Conference on simultaneous interpretation, the staff of
international organizations, pendantsclassics and the literary
classics such as high levels of foreign language translation
professionals are still scarce. With the upgrading of China's
international status, this need will become even more urgent.

Education is a long cycle business, and foreign language education
policies need to make a lot of careful investigation and research,
portrait paintingand learn from the successful experience of foreign
countries, we need the participation of experts. We hope that our
foreign language education policy in the context of globalization
towards the direction of harmonious oil paintingdevelopment, and
promote national unity, national stability and social development,
improve the country's soft power as a basis.

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