[lg policy] linguistic hygiene: Why NO Vulgar language at THE STADIUM

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Thu May 27 18:42:19 UTC 2010

Why NO Vulgar language at THE STADIUM
Written by Administrator
Friday, 14 May 2010 21:55
Some patrons have asked us:  "Why do you have a NO Vulgar Language
policy at THE STADIUM?"

When Nancy and I first started looking to build or buy a bar, some
eight years ago, we spent a considerable amount of time talking about
what kind of bar we wanted to offer our future patrons.  We knew we
wanted a Sports Bar Theme and that it had to have a "CHEERS" type
atmosphere.  We also knew that whatever we offered MUST be for ALL our
patrons and not just a few select regulars.

For nearly two years Nancy and I made it our vocation to search out
popular Sports Bars in several major cities throughout the United
States.  Our travels took us to; New Orleans, Fort Lauderdale,
Daytona, Vegas, Detroit, Chicago, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio and
throughout Houston.  We also visited several dozen Sports Bars in the
numerous smaller cities we traveled through along the way.

We talked with the owners, managers, bartenders, wait-staff and
patrons during our visits and finally formatted the future of our
Sports Bar, THE STADIUM.  When we purchased Nautical Bar and Grill on
May 25th, 2005, we pledged to our then staff, as we have to each and
every ensuing member since, that Nancy and I would not use vulgar
language with them and they in turn would not use it towards us, other
staff members or our patrons.

To underscore this we came up with THE STADIUMS NO Vulgar Language
Policy and it stands today as it did them; for the protection, the
betterment, the safety and the respect of everyone that walks through
our doors.

Think about it:  No Vulgarity helps promote "NO ARGUING"..... "NO
FIGHTING" ..... "IT promotes RESPECT" ..... "DIGNITY" ...... and is in
place for the well being of all who call THE STADIUM home.

We hope this helps everyone to understand a little better and that you
will appreciate that we are not just in business for money, but also
for the friends and family we have helped form and hold dear to our

Nancy and Ken/Pops


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