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Language Documentation Meets Corpus Linguistics

Date: 27-Sep-2011 - 28-Sep-2011
Location: Regensburg, Germany
Contact Person: Johannes Helmbrecht
Meeting Email: < click here to access email >
Web Site: http://www.uni-regensburg.de/sprache-literatur-kultur/allgemeine-vergleichende-sprachwissenschaft/forschung/workshop11/index.html

Linguistic Field(s): Language Documentation; Text/Corpus Linguistics

Call Deadline: 15-Jun-2011

Meeting Description:

‘Language Documentation Meets Corpus Linguistics: How to Exploit DOBES
Corpora for Descriptive Linguistics and Language Typology?’
The University of Regensburg (Germany)
September 27-28, 2011
Website: http://www.uni-regensburg.de/sprache-literatur-kultur/allgemeine-vergleichende-sprachwissenschaft/forschung/workshop11/index.html

There will be an international workshop ‘Language Documentation Meets
Corpus Linguistics: How to Exploit DOBES Corpora for Descriptive
Linguistics and Language Typology?’ at the University of Regensburg,
September 19-28, 2011. This workshop follows the Summer School on
language documentation but addresses itself to a wider audience. The
major goal of this workshop is to bring together documentary linguists
and corpus linguists in order to explore and discover ways how DOBES
corpora - and there are more than 50 digital corpora in the archive of
the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics in Nijmegen by now -
can be automatically or semi-automatically exploited for descriptive
linguistics and language typology.

The workshop topic is a hot topic in the linguistic community - in
particular among the documentary linguists who are also interested in
descriptive linguistics and typology. During the last 10 years the
Volkswagen Foundation has funded more than 50 documentation projects
all over the world and other comparable funding initiatives e.g. in
Great Britain and the US have funded large and smaller sized
documentation projects as well. The results of these projects are
large and digitally available data repositories containing audio and
video recordings, transcribed and glossed text collections of all
kinds of text genres and text types, and lexical databases. Most of
the linguists who were involved in the collection of these data are
not only interested in the data collection itself, but also in
language description or comparative linguistics (typology and
historical linguistics). The question then arises how these corpora
can be used in linguistic research.

The conference explores the possibilities to exploit DOBES corpora of
endangered languages that were compiled by over 50 documentation
projects all over the world for descriptive linguistics and language

Invited Speaker:

Prof. Dr. Ulrike Mosel (University of Kiel)

Call for Papers:

The workshop will explore methodological questions which have to do
with the technical aspects as well as with theoretical questions of
the exploitation of DOBES corpora. In addition, the workshop will
elicit presentations that show the successful application of corpus
linguistic methods to DOBES corpora and its results on all levels of
the language system as well as cross-linguistically. The answers and
approaches found with DOBES corpora can naturally be extended to other
corpora of the same kind.

More specifically, the workshop seeks answers to the following
questions, but is not restricted to them:

1. How to apply corpus linguistic methods to DOBES corpora?
2. How should a (DOBES) corpus look like? Principles and problems of
the creation of a representative text corpus
3. What kinds of information should be included in the corpus: the
question of annotations and other kinds of additional information?
4. What kinds of searches does a descriptive linguist need? and what
kind of search procedures are possible in DOBES corpora?
5. Do DOBES corpora have advantages over 'traditional' monolingual
text corpora? and how can these advantages exploited?
6. How reliable and significant are concordances of DOBES corpora -
the unpleasant question of statistics in linguistics
7. The linking of the descriptive grammar with the text corpus and the
presentation of corpus data in descriptive and typological studies


Authors are invited to submit a one page abstract for a 30 min talk
including discussion. Abstracts should be anonymous and should be sent
as attachments in PDF format to: Johannes Helmbrecht
(johannes.helmbrechtsprachlit.uni-regensburg.de). Author(s) name(s),
affiliation, and title of the paper should be indicated in the body of
the e mail. Abstracts will be anonymously reviewed by members of the
Scientific Committee.
Important Dates:

June 15, 2011: Deadline for application
June 30, 2011: Notification of acceptance

Scientific Committee:

Annette Endruschat (University of Regensburg)
Johannes Helmbrecht (University of Regensburg)
Roland Meyer (University of Regenburg)
Ulrike Mosel (University of Kiel)
Jürgen Reischer (University of Regenburg)


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