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Language Policy: Dominant English, Pluralist Challenges

Edited by William Eggington and Helen Wren
Brigham Young University, Utah / University of New South Wales
[Not in series, 83]  1997.  xxviii, 170 pp.

 Think globally, act locally  is the message of Language Policy:
Dominant English, Pluralist Challenges. The book examines the impact
of English in countries in which it is taken for granted   Australia,
Britain, Canada, New Zealand, and the USA. It explores how the
dominance of English impacts on the development of national language
policies, the maintenance of minority languages, the ability to
provide services in other languages, the efforts to promote first
language and bilingual education programs, and the opportunities for
adult and child second language and literacy training. The book
examines language and language-in-education policies in these
countries and the extent to which English influences some policies or
preludes others. It explores the viability of a statement on national
language policies that could be adopted by the International Teachers
of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) organization as a
statement of principles. The book explores how to raise issues of
individual, social and educational responsibilities that TESOL members
must face as they are influenced by, and can influence, the language
policy agendas established in these countries. It explores what can be
learned from other English dominant nations, and compares language
policy and practice, developing a more cross-national view on rights
and responsibilities in language and language-in-education in these
five dominant nations.

Paperback - Available

ISBN 978 90 272 2163 6 | EUR 65.00
ISBN 978 1 55619 517 4 | USD 98.00

Table of Contents
Foreword: Palmam qui meruit ferat
Robert B. Kaplan
Helen Wren
I. The Dominance of English and National Language Policies: An Overview
1. Making a difference in language policy agendas
Helen Wren
2. The English language metaphors we live by
William Eggington
II. Language and Language-in-Education Policies in English-Dominant Nations
3. The grown-ups know best : Language policy-making in Britain in the 1990s
Jill Bourne
4. Language policy in the USA : National values, local loyalties,
pragmatic pressures
Mary McGroarty
5. English Langauge-in-Education policies in Canada
Alister Cumming
6. English and pluralistic policies : The case of Australia
Joseph Lo Bianco
7. Why are we waiting? Languages policy development in New Zealand
Roger A. Peddie
III. Teaching within Language and Language-in-Education policies
8. Social justice in the work of ESL teachers
David Corson
9. The roles and responsibilities of ESL teachers within National
Language Policies
William Eggington
Notes on Contributors
Benjamins Subject classification
Applied linguistics
Language teaching
Sociolinguistics and Dialectology
BIC Subject
CF: Linguistics
BISAC Subject


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