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Language policy


The Architect of Modern Catalan: Selected writings
Pompeu Fabra (1868–1948)
[Not in series, 150] 2009. xxxii, 240 pp.

Discourse and Power in a Multilingual World
Adrian Blackledge
[Discourse Approaches to Politics, Society and Culture, 15] 2005. x, 252 pp.

ESP in European Higher Education: Integrating language and content
Edited by Inmaculada Fortanet-Gómez and Christine A. Räisänen
[AILA Applied Linguistics Series, 4] 2008. vi, 285 pp.

Explorations in the Sociology of Language and Religion
Edited by Tope Omoniyi and Joshua A. Fishman
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Ideology, Politics and Language Policies: Focus on English
Edited by Thomas Ricento
[IMPACT: Studies in Language and Society, 6] 2000. x, 197 pp.

Language Death and Language Maintenance: Theoretical, practical and
descriptive approaches
Edited by Mark Janse and Sijmen Tol
[Current Issues in Linguistic Theory, 240] 2003. xviii, 244 pp.

Language Legislation and Linguistic Rights: Selected Proceedings of
the Language Legislation and Linguistic Rights Conference, the
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, March, 1996
Edited by Douglas A. Kibbee
[IMPACT: Studies in Language and Society, 2] 1998. xvi, 415 pp.

Language Policy and Pedagogy: Essays in honor of A. Ronald Walton
Edited by Richard D. Lambert and Elana Shohamy
[Not in series, 96] 2000. xii, 279 pp.

Language Standardization and Language Change: The dynamics of Cape Dutch
Ana Deumert
[IMPACT: Studies in Language and Society, 19] 2004. xx, 362 pp.

Language and National Identity: Comparing France and Sweden
Leigh Oakes
[IMPACT: Studies in Language and Society, 13] 2001. x, 305 pp.

Language in South Africa: The role of language in national
transformation, reconstruction and development
Victor Webb
[IMPACT: Studies in Language and Society, 14] 2002. xxviii, 357 pp.

Language in the Twenty-First Century: Selected papers of the
millennial conferences of the Center for Research and Documentation on
World Language Problems, held at the University of Hartford and Yale
Edited by Humphrey Tonkin and Timothy Reagan
[Studies in World Language Problems, 1] 2003. vi, 209 pp.

Language, Religion and National Identity in Europe and the Middle
East: A historical study
John Myhill
[Discourse Approaches to Politics, Society and Culture, 21] 2006. ix, 300 pp.

Minority Languages and Group Identity: Cases and Categories
John Edwards
[IMPACT: Studies in Language and Society, 27] 2010. ix, 231 pp.

Missionary Linguistics II / Lingüística misionera II: Orthography and
Phonology. Selected papers from the Second International Conference on
Missionary Linguistics, São Paulo, 10–13 March 2004
Edited by Otto Zwartjes and Cristina Altman
[Studies in the History of the Language Sciences, 109] 2005. vi, 292 pp.

Missionary Linguistics/Lingüística misionera: Selected papers from the
First International Conference on Missionary Linguistics, Oslo, 13–16
March 2003
Edited by Otto Zwartjes and Even Hovdhaugen
[Studies in the History of the Language Sciences, 106] 2004. vi, 288 pp.

New Perspectives and Issues in Educational Language Policy: In honour
of Bernard Dov Spolsky
Edited by Robert L. Cooper, Elana Shohamy and Joel Walters
[Not in series, 104] 2001. vi, 307 pp.

New Perspectives on Endangered Languages: Bridging gaps between
sociolinguistics, documentation and language revitalization
Edited by José Antonio Flores Farfán and Fernando F. Ramallo
[Culture and Language Use, 1] 2010. v, 156 pp.

Politics and Sociolinguistic Reflexes: Palestinian border villages
Muhammad Hasan Amara
[Studies in Bilingualism, 19] 1999. xx, 261 pp.

Receptive Multilingualism: Linguistic analyses, language policies and
didactic concepts
Edited by Jan D. ten Thije and Ludger Zeevaert
[Hamburg Studies on Multilingualism, 6] 2007. x, 328 pp.

Respecting Linguistic Diversity in the European Union
Edited by Xabier Arzoz
[Studies in World Language Problems, 2] 2008. viii, 269 pp.

Sociopolitical Perspectives on Language Policy and Planning in the USA
Edited by Thom Huebner and Kathryn A. Davis
[Studies in Bilingualism, 16] 1999. xvi, 365 pp.

Spanish in Contact: Policy, Social and Linguistic Inquiries
Edited by Kim Potowski and Richard Cameron
[IMPACT: Studies in Language and Society, 22] 2007. xx, 398 pp.

Terminology and Language Planning: An alternative framework of
practice and discourse
Bassey Antia
[Terminology and Lexicography Research and Practice, 2] 2000. xxiv, 265 pp.

The Translator as Mediator of Cultures
Edited by Humphrey Tonkin and Maria Esposito Frank
[Studies in World Language Problems, 3] 2010. x, 201 pp.


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