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Date: 11-Jan-2011
From: Hyppolite Pierre <hpierre at irsp.org>
Subject: Language Name: Haitian instead of Haitian Creole

My name is Hyppolite Pierre and I am Haitian-American. I am very
interested in the debate about the way we call the language. In fact, I
absolutely refuse to call the language "Haitian Creole" and instead, I
simply call it "Haitian", which I believe is the appropriate term.

Could you point me to any other scholarly material where linguists like
yourselves use the term "Haitian" as well?

I am glad that there is a growing body of scholars and intellectuals who
see and understand the danger in calling the language "Haitian
Creole", but would like to know of any other links, scholarly materials,
and intellectuals who also call the language "Haitian".

I know among others, that Jean Price-Mars, Pradel Pompilus and
also Maximilien Laroche preferred the term "Haitian". I also know that
Roger Savain and Michel Rolph Trouillot have done the same. Are
there any others?

This is a very serious and "live" debate that can benefit Haiti, and I
would love to know more about it.

Very best to you,
Hyppolite Pierre 

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