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Language policy and mobility

DATE  Saturday 12 March 2011
TIME  0900
SPEAKERS  David Graddol, Director, The English Company (UK) Ltd
Sue Blundell, Executive Director, English Australia and Tony Millns,
Chief Executive, English UK
Ben Shao, Manager, Human Capital - Development Talent, Global
Mobility, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Taiwan (TBC)

CHAIR  Michael Carrier, Head, English Language Innovation, British Council, UK

OUTLINE  This session will consider the role of English language
skills in international student mobility and policy making at every
stage: from access to higher education, the role of English in
delivering Higher Education and the post-education challenges
including employability.

In the last 20 years, the English language has established dominance
in the academic world, becoming a necessary communication tool for
students, researchers and academics. It is now also fast becoming the
lingua franca of the global workforce.

There are serious challenges around the quality of English skills
students bring to the university, how their English is extended while
at university, and how university programmes prepare students so that
they can enter future employment with the language skills needed to do
their jobs in a competitive globalised environment.

A further issue to investigate is the long-term sustainability of the
focus on English itself.  As some of the world's economic weight
shifts eastwards, how likely is it that English will continue to
dominate? And shouldn’t we be planning for a multi-lingual approach to
global communication?

David Graddol will address the current trends in English use and the
future of English as a lingua franca for education and global

Tony Millns and Sue Blundell will explore the issues for student
mobility around the perception of governments that English language
skills can be used as a seemingly simple criterion by which risk can
be managed within student visa programs, and assessing the impact of
this on the important role that English language plays for learners
wishing to establish themselves as global citizens

Ben Shao will present a case study on PwC's approach to developing
employee's language skills , the impact this has and the benefits this
brings to the organisation, and the contribution this can make towards
stimulating regional economic growth.


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