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9. English as Additional Language Policy
Statement of intent

At Harvey Road Day Nursery, we undertake to include all children and
openly welcome those who are not able to speak or understand English.
To speak a language other than English will be celebrated and not seen
as a disadvantage or deficit for the individual children. Our strategy
to support these children will be implemented by all members of the
staff, and temporary or new staff will receive support and information
during their induction to enable them to promote the same strategies.
It is the responsibility of the staff to be flexible and creative to
ensure that effective communication takes place. Children who attend
our setting may be monolingual in English or another heritage
language, or multilingual and able to speak and understand in two or
more languages. It is important to identify the child’s first language
at the pre admission stage, and to establish whether the parents are
able to converse in English or whether they will need alternative
support to understand the routines and learning environment their
child/ren will experience.

Creating a positive environment
Children from different cultures may find our setting quite strange,
it is important that we include pictures with which the
children can identify. These may include a variety of houses,
landscapes, families or children playing.
We have labels and captions in alternative languages but these are
only relevant if we draw the attention of the children
to them. Bilingual books will be displayed in the book areas, and
parents are encouraged to co-tell stories with the
The role play area will reflect diversity and the adults are
responsible for ensuring that the children respect and
understand the function of the resources available.
Staff encouraging children to keep talking, even if they are unable to
do so in English
• On induction, we ask parents for key words in the child’s first
language to enable us to use these to
communicate with the children.
• We will keep language simple and literal initially so the child has
the best opportunity to understand.
• We will give instructions to the child individually and with eye
contact as we understand generalised
instructions are hard to follow.
• We will give the child plenty of time to respond as we recognise it
takes time to translate.
• We have key words relevant to the child on display with pictures
around the room, to help staff communicate
with the child and for the child to tell us what they want.
• We will encourage the child and their family to teach children and
staff the names of objects in their own
• We will model correct sentences, without correcting the child, when
they have tried to communicate.
Working with parents
Parents from other countries may have no personal experience of
nursery/ pre school as we know it. It is important that
sufficient time is given to explain to them the key principles of our
system and the routines their child will experience.
Registered Office: Harvey Road Day Nursery Limited 9/10 Harvey Road,
Cambridge CB1 2ET Registered in England and Wales.
Company No 6283794.OFSTED EY364387 Charity Registration No 1121441
When completing the admissions forms and on induction, we will take
down details of the country of origin, the religion,
the language and key cultural needs of the child. These may include
dietary restrictions which will be shared with all staff
and our chef to ensure no misunderstandings.
Parents are encouraged to contribute to the learning of their child by
visiting, sharing significant events/festivals and
doing activities.
Observations made by staff members on what the child ‘can do’ form
part of the learning journals. Where concerns are
exposed through these regular assessments, it is the responsibility of
the key worker to discuss the child’s first language
competency with the parents. If this is not age appropriate, the key
worker will inform the SENCO and discuss if any
action is required.
When the progress of the child in their home language appears
appropriate, we will look at the other needs of the child
and whether there are any other learning opportunities which should be
focused on.
All staff are familiar with this policy and are involved in ensuring
it is being carried out.
The manager is responsible for sharing this with all new or relief
staff and parents.
The key worker is responsible for liaising with the parents and
monitoring the development of the individual child.
This policy was adopted by the Harvey Road Day Nursery Limited
Management Committee
On June 2011.
Review date Jun

Registered Office: Harvey Road Day Nursery Limited 9/10 Harvey Road,
Cambridge CB1 2ET Registered in England and Wales.
Company No 6283794.OFSTED EY364387 Charity Registration No 1121441
9/10 Harvey Road
Cambridge CB1 2ET
Telephone (01223) 363860
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