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English as an Additional Language Policy

Stonyhurst is blessed with pupils of many different nationalities. We
have pupils from Spain, Mexico, Hong Kong, Korea, France, Germany and
the Ukraine.

This policy is a statement of the aims and strategies in place to
ensure that EAL pupils at Stonyhurst St. Mary’s Hall fulfil their

The EAL Department aims to develop:

    The pupil’s ability to communicate effectively in English in
different situations.
    The pupil’s understanding of the spoken and written language.
    Linguistic ability.
    Insights into Britain and its culture.
    An understanding that the multilingualism of our EAL pupils
enriches out school and our community.

The EAL Department has the following objectives:

    To encourage each pupil to excel and to achieve his or her full
potential in all areas of their lives at St. Mary’s Hall (SMH)
    To assess the needs of each individual pupil and provide support
to reflect their strengths and weaknesses in order to grow in line
with the Jesuit tradition.
    To assess on arrival all pupils for whom English is not their
first language and determine their standard so that strengths and
weaknesses can be found.      Differentiation: to provide EAL pupils
with support in other academic subjects, at a level and in a way they
can understand so that they can access the curriculum as soon and as
effectively as possible, in parallel with gaining language skills
useful in both social and academic life.

    To monitor their progress and record it. This information is
located in Staff Resources.
    To prepare and enter EAL pupils for the Cambridge ESOL
examinations which are widely recognised for work and study purposes.
This is useful preparation for higher level exams these pupils may
want to take after leaving SMH.
    Inclusion: to ensure that EAL pupils settle well into the SMH
academic system by liaising with all the other departments at school.
    To create an atmosphere suitable for pupils to share not only good
things with members of staff, but to feel able to ask for advice and
support should the occasion arise.

Teaching Strategies:

    Classroom activities have clear learning objectives and use
appropriate materials and support to enable pupils to participate in
    Key language features of each curriculum area, e.g. key
vocabulary, uses of language, forms of text, are identified.
    Enhanced opportunities are provided for speaking and listening and
use of role play. Pupils have access to models of spoken language from
staff and peers which help them to learn well.
    Additional visual support is provided, e.g. posters, pictures,
photographs, objects, demonstration, and use of gesture.
    Additional verbal support is provided, e.g. repetition, modeling,
and peer support.
    Use is made of collaborative activities that involve purposeful
talk and encourage and support active participation.
    Explanation is provided before, during and after reading and
writing activities.
    Scaffolding is provided for language and learning, e.g. talk
frames, writing frames, pictures.
    Provision of appropriate materials in all subjects such as
simplified notes and worksheets, dictionaries and keyword lists.
Videos, maps, I.C.T. also give crucial support.


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