[lg policy] bibitem: China's Assimilationist Language Policy: The Impact on Indigenous/Minority Literacy and Social Harmony

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China's Assimilationist Language Policy: The Impact on
Indigenous/Minority Literacy and Social Harmony [Hardcover]

Table of Contents

List of contributors  List of tables and figures  Part I: Background
and Historical Review  1. China’s Language Policy for Indigenous and
Minority Education - Gulbahar H. Beckett and Gerard A. Postiglione  2.
Historical Review of the PRC’s Minority/Indigenous Language Policy and
Practice: Nation-State Building and Identity Construction - Minglang
Zhou  Part II: Empirical Research Studies  3. The Development of
Minority Education and the Practice of Bilingual Education in Xinjiang
Uyghur Autonomous Region - Rong Ma  4. Bilingual Education among the
Dongxiangs: Experiment, Practices, and Implications - Yisu Zhou  5.
China’s Minorities without Written Scripts: The Case of Education
Access among the Dongxiang - Jiayi Wang and Gerard A. Postiglione  6.
Bilingual Education in China: The Case of Yunnan - Linda Tsung, Ge
Wang, and Qunying Zhang  7. Language Hegemony in its Relation to
Chinese Marriage Migrants Mothers’ Adaptations to and Educational
Involvements in Taiwan - Yi-Hsuan Chelsea Kuo  8. The Influence of
Cultural and Linguistic Backgrounds on the Social and Academic
Adjustment of Students at an Ethnic Minority University in China - Mei
Wu, Jerry Tuchscherer, and Forrest W. Parkay  9. Language Issues in
Chinese Higher Education: The Case of Korean and Mongol Minority
Groups - W. James Jacob and Heejin Park  Part III. Theoretical,
Ideological, and Legal Issues  10. Chinese-English Bilingual Education
in PRC: Implications for Language Education for Autochthonous Ethnic
Minorities - Guangwei Hu  11. From Neo-Liberal Ideology to Critical
Sustainability Theory for Language Policy Studies in the P.R.C. -
Seoanaigh MacPherson  12. Minority Language Rights and Education in
China: The Relevance of Human Rights Law and Substantive Equality -
Kelley Loper


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