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The Language policy in Latvia is going under social discussion
Author 	Paul

  Posted: 8 Nov 2011 21:07 | Edited by: Paul	

It's not quite about miniBB-related news, but some news affecting my
native country, the place where I'm currently living and working.
Latvia. I must say, something politically strong like this is
happening here in about 20 years for the first time.

As you probably might not know, the strict Language policy in Latvia
is even included in Wikipedia. It declares Latvian to be the official
state language and affirming the rights of ethnic minorities to
preserve and develop their languages. Russian is the native language
for more than one third of the population, and is well known by about
90% of the population; but it also "considered indigenous". While
living in Latvia, I have learned Latvian better than many native

But with this, we have the social experiment, meaning Latvian
government tries to save their culture and language, using the other
culture's generation. I don't know how it's called officially, but in
practice, sometimes in looks like fascism.

I think, every nation deserves rights to teach their children in the
native language, so they understand the topic. You all probably know,
how difficult sometimes is to learn something new. Now imagine you
learn it in the language, which is not spoken in your family.

Unfortunately, we have such a policy in education in Latvia, too. More
and more Russian schools are being closed or "Latvianized". That makes
our children, the next generation, too dumb to be on the European
competitive market. I wouldn't like to educate my son in Latvian. I
know that the most important thing I've learn in my life, is my native
language. It's Russian.

You might say, Russians are "wrong" to Latvia, but you don't have to
mess the Russian people and the Russian government. All Russians
living currently in Latvia, were not occupying this land by purpose.
They are people thrown out of the Russian empire or USSR by religious
or political reasons, and these processes lasted for about 300 years.
This land was never actually related to only "Latvians". Wikipedia
explains a lot about this.

What is happening with not only to Russians, but to all other national
minorities in Latvia, which are quite a lot, 'cause it's always been a
"moving country" - that is called Chauvinism

Because of that, nobody understands, why Latvia is called "An
independant democratic country" in the first sentence of its
Constitution. It's not democratic. Half of the population doesn't have
election rights.

These days, in November, we finally have the revolutionary action
happening. It's created by the real political revolutionaries, and
it's an extremely hot topic in all local media these days. There are a
lot of "for" and "against" opinions, lots of discussions. It's not
important, what kind of results this action will have on output. It
will have results, in any way.

I would like just to inform anybody, who has friend or relatives from
Latvia: just pass these news to them. Just let them know. It's up to
them what they decide regarding this event. May be some of them will
sign the petition to the government. This process is running now.

Thank you.

See also many comments at this url.

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