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Minority Language Policy in Europe
Course title 	Minority Language Policy in Europe
Code 	09.3 Linguistics
Value 	3 ECTS points
Availability 	winter semester
Teacher 	Dr. Tomasz Wicherkiewicz
Faculty of Modern Languages & Literatures
Dept. of Language Policy & Minority Studies
Chair of Oriental Studies
Collegium HCP
wicher at amu.edu.pl
Teaching method 	Seminar with active participation of students .

Course description 	The course will focus on theoretical foundations
of minority studies and sociolinguistics of lesser-used languages,
with the language policy & language planning in Europe as a whole,
European regions and states, as well as with the situation,
typologies, historical and cultural background and prospects for
Europe’s lesser-used ethnolects, i.e. the regional, minority and
non-territorial languages.

Assessment method 	Attendance is mandatory. Students who with no
serious excuse (as illness, etc.) miss more than three meetings will
not be graded. Students are expected to participate actively in the
seminars. Each participant is expected to prepare a final essay (12
standard pages) on a topic agreed with the lecturer.


Week 1 	Introduction; Review of the course content; Basic terminology
in language policy
Week 2 	Typology of minority language situations in Europe
Week 3 	Lesser-used languages and language policy in Poland – part I
Week 4 	Lesser-used languages and language policy in Poland – part II
Week 5 	Lesser-used languages and language policy in Central-Eastern Europe
Week 6 	Lesser-used languages & language policy: Russia and the
(post-)Soviet minority language policy;
Week 7 	Lesser-used languages & language policy: Scandinavia, the Baltics
Week 8 	Lesser-used languages & language policy: Austria, Germany, Switzerland
Week 9 	Lesser-used languages & language policy: the British Isles
Week 10 	Lesser-used languages & language policy: France, the BeNeLux
Week 11 	Lesser-used languages and language policy: the Iberian Peninsula
Week 12 	Lesser-used languages and language policy in Romania and the Balkans
Week 13 	Lesser-used languages & language policy: the Mediterranean
and the Caucasus
Week 14 	Diaspora languages (Jewish languages, Romani, etc.); Sign
languages as minority languages
Week 15 	Evaluation


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Westdeutscher Verlag.
Woehrling Jean-Marie 2005. The European Charter for Regional or
Minority Languages. A critical commentary. Council of Europe


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