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Message1: Dialogue in Multilingual, Multimodal, and Multicompetent Communities of Practice
From:Dale Koike d.koike at austin.utexas.edu
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Dialogue in Multilingual, Multimodal, and Multicompetent Communities of Practice 
Short Title: Dialogue 2013 

Date: 22-Mar-2013 - 24-Mar-2013 
Location: Austin, Texas, USA 
Contact: Dale Koike 
Contact Email: dial2013 at hotmail.com 
Meeting URL: http://sites.la.utexas.edu/dialogue2013/ 

Linguistic Field(s): Applied Linguistics; Discourse Analysis; Language Acquisition; Linguistic Theories; Sociolinguistics 

Meeting Description: 

This conference, sponsored by the International Association of Dialogue Analysis (IADA) and held at the University of Texas at Austin, will focus on questions such as 'How can the study of dialogue advance language learning research?' and 'What can interaction studies in various contexts of multilingualism and multimodalities contribute to our understanding of being multicompetent?' It will examine how Practice Theory (Bourdieu 1977) is used to build links between the work done in areas such as interaction analysis, conversation analysis, dialogue analysis, and ethnography of native speaker production, and that of applied areas such as language acquisition, sociolinguistics, technology, and communications.

In addition, the metaphor of 'communities of practice' (Lave & Wenger 1991; Wenger 1998) - which refers to groups of people who interact due to their involvement in common practices, goals, and interests - will be extended as a focus for study at this conference. As fields such as language acquisition and artificial intelligence are increasingly interested in naturalistic dialogue as a source of rich linguistic and socializing input - as well as a stimulus for cognitive processes that facilitate acquisition - researchers seek to incorporate new ways of looking at dialogue. We hope this conference will stimulate discussion among researchers who represent different yet related fields focused on dialogue.
Keynote Speakers: 
J�rgen Streeck - University of Texas at Austin, USA 
Edda Weigand - University of Muenster, Germany 
Richard Young - University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA 
Friday, March 22

1:00 PM
Registration: CLA 1.302A, Glickman Center (Hospitality Room)

1:30 - 3:00 pm 

Room: CLA 1.302B				
Session/ Chair:	Richard Young, Chair			

Carl Blyth, University of Texas at Austin: Negotiating cultural frames in an online community of practice: Debate or discussion?

Kelle Keating, Pepperdine University:  Dialogue in a minority Francophone community of practice

Abby Dings, Southwestern University:  Language learners in interaction: Orientation to novice and expert identities

Room: CLA 0.112
Session/ Chair:	Hans Boas, Chair

Jesse Abing, University of Texas at Austin:  Resolving Spanish word-order issues: An analysis of learner-learner interactions between heritage and second language learners

Meghann Peace, University of Minnesota:  'That was the goal-- for her to understand':  Spanish anaphora in L2 speech

Ariana Bancu, Northeastern Illinois University:  A comparative morpho-syntactic analysis of the code-switches of Romanian immigrants in the USA and in Spain

3:10 - 4:40 pm 

Room: CLA 1.302B				
Session/ Chair:	Carl Blyth, Chair

Zsuzsanna Abrams, University of California at Santa Cruz:  L2 sociopragmatic development through the development of a computer-mediated speech community

Rebekah Post, University of Texas at Austin:  Audience design, code choice and communities of practice: Computer-mediated communication during the Tunisian revolution

Sebastian Feller, A*Star Institute of High Performance Computing, Singapore: Learning by dialogue: A digital dialogue game application for structured teacher/learner communication

Room: CLA 1.302E (Glickman Center)
Session/ Chair:	Abigail Dings, Chair 
Helina Rahman, Turku University, Finland: Multilingual Finnish pupils' communicative language use of English in interviews

Shereen Bhalla, University of Texas at San Antonio:  Applying Nexus Analysis and communities of practice in investigating the South Asian international Teaching Assistant experience

Janus Mortensen & Spencer Hazel, Roskilde University, Denmark:  Embodying multilingual interaction-- multimodal resources and the local management of language choice

4:50-6:20 pm 
Keynote address: CLA 1.302B
Edda Weigand. University of Muenster, Germany, 'Competence-in-performance in the Mixed Game Model'

6:20 - 9:00 pm
Cocktails, sponsored by John Benjamins Publishers (Etta Harbin Alumni Center--UTX); Conference Dinner (Ticketed event)

Saturday, March 23

8:30 AM
Registration: CLA 1.302A (Hospitality Room)

9:00-10:30 am	

Room: CLA 1.302B				
Session/ Chair:	Karol Hardin, Chair

Debbie Cole, UT-Pan-American & Bryan Meadows, Farleigh University:  Dialogic re-imagination: Sociolinguistic identities in foreign language classroom communities of practice

Nicoleta Bateman, California State U at San Marcos: More than a secret language: A bilingual child's story in a monolingual community	

Luis Poza, Stanford University:  Este y el other: Hybrid language practices and content learning in a dual immersion classroom

Room: CLA 1.302E 
Session/ Chair:	Zsuzsanna Abrams, Chair

Jill Hallett, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champagne:  One good turn deserves another: Discourse strategies in the urban classroom

Michele Back, Univ. of California at Riverside: S�ganme los buenos:  Co-constructing symbolic competence in a peer tutoring session

Carmen Taleghani-Nikazm, Ohio State University:  An analysis of multilingual and L2 competencies in second language conversation

10:40 am -12:10 pm
Keynote address: CLA 1.302B
Richard Young, National Institute of Education, Singapore/University of Wisconsin-Madison, 'Dialogue with the past'

12:40-1:20 pm
Lunch (Ticketed event)  Glickman patio; Panel on Center for Open Educational Resources for Language Learning, Carl Blyth, Moderator

1:30-2:30 pm
Panel on Dialogue Analysis and Communities of Practice / Dale Koike & Zsuzsanna Abrams (moderators)
Fran�ois Cooren, J�rgen Streeck, Edda Weigand, Richard Young,  CLA 1.302B

2:40--4:10 pm	

Room: CLA 1.302B				
Session/ Chair:	Rachel Showstack, Chair

Velda Khoo, University of Colorado at Boulder:  Identity construction in conversation: the sia particle in Singapore Colloquial English

Ricardo Gualda, Universidade Federal de Alagoas, Brazil:  Multiple identities, multiple hierarchies, and multicompetence in the discourse of President Hugo Ch�vez in Al� Presidente
Marcel Burger, University of Lausanne, Switzerland: Dialogue as a means of doing media information: When conflicting journalistic identities do have to negotiate to produce a news report

Room: CLA 1.302E 
Session/ Chair:	Jesse Abing, Chair

Karol Hardin, Baylor University:  Medical interviews: Exploring the relationship between authentic dialogue and Spanish for health care professionals

Cory Lyle, St. Edward's University:  The complex nature of language-related episodes

Julia Ludewig, Binghamton State U of New York: Literary criticism as multicompetent practice

4:10-4:30 pm
Coffee Break: CLA 1.302A

4:35-6:00 pm
Keynote address: CLA 1.302B
J�rgen Streeck, University of Texas at Austin, 'Embodiment and enactment in workplace dialogues'

Dinner on your own
Sunday, March 24

8:30 AM

9:00 - 9:20am
IADA business - Fran�ois Cooren, President

9:30 - 11:00am

Room: CLA 1.302B				
Session/ Chair:	Rachel Showstack, Chair

Osiris Hernandez, UT Pan-American: Reyno-McAllen: Exploring language experiences and ideologies of ESL students in the Rio Grande Valley

Ram�n Mart�nez, Leah Dur�n, & Michiko Hikida, University of Texas at Austin:  'They are biling�e, but I am triling�e': Constructing multilingual identities in a dual language classroom

Jenna Nichols, University of Texas at Austin:  Indexicality and voice quality in bilingual dialogue

Room: CLA 1.302E 
Session/ Chair:	Mary Jill Brody, Chair

Alena L. Vasilyeva, Minsk State University, Belarus, & Mark Aakhus, Rutgers University: The crafting of disagreement space in a multi-party deliberation

Rachel Shively, Illinois State University:  Teasing in L2 conversations during study abroad

Brendan Regan, University of Texas at Austin:  Intercambios and the awareness of pragmatic differences: The importance of native and non-native speaker interactions

11:05 - 12:35am

Room: CLA 1.302B				
Session/ Chair:	Jurgen Streeck, Chair

Mary Jill Brody, Louisiana State University: Mapping Tojol-ab'al

Fran�ois Cooren, Universit� de Montreal & Letizia Caronia, University of Bologna, Italy: Excentering our analytical position: The dialogicity of things

Matthew Ingram, University of Colorado at Boulder:  The multi-functionality of the limp wrist and its usage in spontaneous interaction

Room: CLA 1.302E 
Session/ Chair:	Ram�n Mart�nez, Chair

Claudia Kunschak, Ritsumeikan University, Japan:  Transnational, transcultural, translingual: Communities of practice in flux

Martine Batt & Alain Trognon, University of Lorraine, France: Interaction in the Alzheimer Disease context: Understanding practitioners' multicompetences

Heather Pardee, Northeastern Illinois University:  Breaking the rules: Taboo and euphemism in the high art community

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