[lg policy] Foreign language policy stirs debate - WHAT YOU'RE SAYING: June 18

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 Foreign language policy stirs debate - WHAT YOU'RE SAYING: June 18

Published: Tuesday, June 18, 2013

  Whole Foods announced it revised its employee language policy after a
controversy erupted when two Spanish-speaking Albuquerque employees were
suspended a day for protesting the English-only speaking rule. What do you

This is America last time I checked and we do still speak English here,

--Melanie Corp

My wife is an immigrant and English is her second language.I say there is
nothing wrong with Whole Foods telling their employees to speak English.

--Brandon LaVigne

If you are in the company of English speakers, don't eliminate half of them
by switching to Spanish. It's rude. I live less than 100 miles from the
border, and we don't do it here. It's America, people don't come here
expecting to speak Spanish. There are some accommodations but save your
hate for somewhere else. Like Detroit maybe.

--Lori Samples Tworek

Speaking in a language that isn't understood by all those who are present
is like whispering and talking behind the backs of others. Even if it isn't
meant to be rude, it can be perceived to be. I don't see a problem with
this rule if it's used to keep harmony in the workplace. The only "rights"
it tramples on is the right to be rude, and you can do that on your own

--Susan Campbell

My grandfather learned English in a year after moving here from Canada. He
rarely spoke French after that, considering it rude to exclude people who
couldn't understand it. Why do other people have an issue with this?

--Christine Page

And we wonder why the rest of the world hates us, and no, it is not because
we are awesome. It's because we are ignorant and narrow-minded.

--Yvonne Whiteley


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