[lg policy] Temporary full-time lecturing position (Jan-July 2013), Turku, Finland

Dave Sayers dave.sayers at CANTAB.NET
Thu Nov 28 21:12:39 UTC 2013

Hello everyone (and apologies for cross-spamming),

I've managed to land myself a full-time permanent job (wahey!) at Sheffield Hallam 
University, England. This means I'll need to leave my current job (at the University 
of Turku, Finland) half way through the contract (due to end 31 July 2013). Would 
anyone like to replace me, starting mid January? It's a great place to work, and a 
fab city (more on that below). Ideally you'd have a PhD (or near completion) and 
undergrad teaching experience, though research experience is not essential. The 
teaching is as follows:

- Language Policy & Planning: MA level course introducing the field of LPP, including 
student presentations. Small seminar-based course, about 25 students.

- Contemporary Social Institutions (US & UK): first year undergrad lecture course 
introducing basic structures of the two countries -- politically, socially, 
economically, etc. Large lectures, 100-plus students.

- Presentation Skills: practical course for all levels of study, to improve 
presenting technique of both non-academic and academic topics. Small group, about 10-15.

Academic Writing Skills 1: hands-on course introducing students to the various 
requirements of writing at degree level. Group of about 20.

To be clear, you would *not* need specific prior experience in these exact areas.

For Language Policy & Planning, the outline for this course is prepared, and I could 
provide all the readings, but you'd need to develop the lecture slides yourself. For 
the other courses, the materials and readings are ready to go, though you could adapt 
them. You would be running and managing the LPP and CSI courses (excellent experience 
to gain).

Native English speakers are preferred but that's not essential. The main thing is 
teaching experience, and it doesn't have to be in exactly these areas. They need 
someone, and they need someone fast, so this is a good opportunity to adapt your 
skills to a new context!

The pay, depending on your qualifications, would be somewhere in the mid 3000s € per 
month (http://www.xe.com/currency/eur-euro). There is also excellent financial 
support for conference travel & expenses.

I could give some help and advice with the various government registrations you'll 
need in Finland, and with finding accommodation.

I am sad to be leaving this job; it is a really fantastic university (QS World Rank 
205) and the students are all incredibly bright and responsive -- as well as all 
having near-native English proficiency. My Head of Department and the rest of the 
staff are all extremely friendly and supportive. Even though this would be a short 
post, I'm confident it would be a positive experience.

Finland itself is of course cold in winter, though not really as cold in Turku as 
elsewhere in the country -- it's the 'sunny south'! And once the winter sets in 
there's never rain, only snow, and the air is dry, so it doesn't actually feel that 
cold. It's hard to explain, but I've definitely felt colder winters in the south of the
UK! And, around May, it becomes exceptionally bright, warm and generally wonderful. 
It is truly a special treat to see the winter give way to spring in Finland. Turku 
itself is an absolutely beautiful city, and more or less everyone speaks English. 
Helsinki is 2 hours away by train, and you can fly direct to Turku from a number of 
European countries.

Well, if you're interested, then please get in touch with some details of your 
experience, and I can provide more info.

Please feel free to pass this message on to anyone you think might be interested.

All the best,

Dr. Dave Sayers
Honorary Research Fellow, Arts & Humanities, Swansea University, UK
Visiting Lecturer (2013-14), Dept English, University of Turku, Finland
dave.sayers at cantab.net

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