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Message1: News from the Linguistic Approaches to Bilingualism (LAB) Editorial Team
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News from the editorial team Linguistic Approaches to Bilingualism (LAB)

Our new journal is three years old! We hope that you are already reading (have read) the exciting new epistemological issue (LAB 3:3) with a keynote paper by William O'Grady entitled "The illusion of language acquisition" and seventeen commentaries. Today we are writing with an update on several key issues.

Impact Factor:
As our first three years are up with the publication of LAB 3:4 in December, the John Benjamins publishing company is in the process of applying for an impact factor. We are already indexed in LB, LLBA, MLA, TSA Online. We hope to be able to report something positive on this topic in early 2014. 

Inviting Broad Submissions:
The word "Linguistic" in the title of our journal is meant to be inclusive and not at all exclusive. We welcome a broad range of submissions from all cognitive approaches to bilingualism and multilingualism regarding the acquisition and processing of language in children and adults. Submissions from cognitive linguistics, psycholinguistics, neurolinguistics, usage-based approaches, generative approaches and more are equally welcome.  In fact, our goal is to provide an indispensable venue consulted and read by researchers from all these paradigms to encourage cross-fertilization, so that we all keep abreast of each other's complimentary work.  Our commitment to this goal is reflected in several changes as detailed below.

Changes to Associate Editors: 
Ludovica Serratrice is now phasing out as an Associate Editor (AE) over the next 6 months.  We are grateful for her excellent and inspiring service! She will be replaced by 5 new AEs: Manne Bylund (University of Stockholm), Alison Gabriele (University of Kansas), Noriko Hoshino (Kobe City University of Foreign Studies), Debra Titone (McGill University), and Annie Tremblay (University of Kansas).  Theo Marinis  (University of Reading) continues as AE; Holger Hopp and Sharon Unsworth continue as the AEs responsible for the epistemological issue.  This new team has representation from Canada, the US, Japan, and Europe.  The editorial team can now attract and handle submissions from a wider field of paradigms and/or methodologies outside of generative linguistics.  The new AEs will assume their duties at the end of November, and we are very grateful to them for graciously agreeing to augment the journal with their insight and energy.

Special and Epistemological Issues:
We have commissioned two new special issues on topics of very high interest. Theo Marinis will guest-edit an issue on language impairment in bilingual children, to appear in 2015, for which a call for submission will be released shortly. Ellen Bialystok, Cari Bogulski and Margot Sullivan will guest-edit an issue on bilingualism and aging to appear in 2016. The next epistemological issue features a keynote by Ianthi Tsimpli with the title ''Early, late or very late? Timing acquisition and bilingualism.'' Future epistemological issues will be written by Colin Phillips (on child-adult differences in processing) and Diane Lillo-Martin (on bimodal bilingualism and language transfer).

We look forward to your submissions and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us personally.

Jason Rothman and Roumyana Slabakova 

j.rothman at reading.ac.uk
r.slabakova at soton.ac.uk
labjournal at uiowa.edu 

Linguistic Field(s): Cognitive Science
                     Language Acquisition
                     Linguistic Theories

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