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Foreign languages: a need

Posted on 2013-08-31 05:44:23

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Pakistan is a developing country and its economy is the world’s 27th
largest economy based on its purchasing power. However, the country
remained impoverished due to internal political disturbances and negligible
foreign investment, since independence. During the past one decade,
Pakistan became the victim of terrorism and therefore no significant
foreign as well as overseas Pakistanis investment was observed.
Due to the reason, Pakistani engineers, doctors and other technical skilled
personnel are facing acute jobless dilemma. If Pakistani policy makers
really cares and interested for the uplift of its people then it’s high
time to change its educational syllabus in accordance with the present geo
economic scenarios. Pakistan is in no doubt situated in a very important
and strategic place. It’s a bridge between China and Arab Nation and
further to developing African countries.
Both Arab Peninsula and China are economically viable nations while Africa
is the booming place where Indian, Chinese and European companies are in a
race to capture the business. So we are lucky in the sense that we can not
only play a vital role in bridging the ties between Chinese and Arab world
but can also take the benefit from their growing economic boom.
Unfortunately due to deteriorating economic conditions within Pakistan as
well as current economic meltdown in other parts of the world on the one
hand while growing business of Chinese and Indian companies on the other
hand, Pakistanis are facing extreme difficulties to get its place. In the
Arab Peninsula, Arabic speaking are preferred otherwise Europeans get the
advantage and are highly paid while in Chinese and Spanish companies,
language is the main barrier for Pakistanis. But unfortunately, Pakistani
policy makers never felt these issues as threats because we always
preferred to speak and learn English.
However, even in Europe other languages are equally important alongside
English. Now the time has come where we have to sincerely start at least
Chinese, Arabic and Spanish in schools and colleges curriculum as a subject
to make the prospects of our future generation better and secure. With the
fast moving and changing current international scenarios it is very evident
that Chinas economy is the most dynamic and stable at the moment. China
almost captured all the market from Australia to America. We can see
Chinese dominance not only in the consumer products but also in the
technology and advance sciences. We very well know that Chinese export to
USA is far more than US exports to China. African countries like South
Africa also give special business facilities to Chinese.
Similarly, Arabic language is important in many respects. Our Holy book is
in Arabic, our culture is very similar to the Arab world, and major part of
the labor force is working in these countries whose mother tongue is
Arabic. It’s spoken in more than 22 countries. Most of these Arabic
speaking countries are oil-rich and business hubs. Arabic speakers are
preferred in most of the job advertisements in these countries.
However, it’s important to note that many of the MNCs like Google,
Microsoft, Dell, HP, Cisco, Juniper, Nokia, Sony, Toyota and many others
have their regional HQs in UAE, Saudi, Qatar, and Bahrain etc. Even Airbus
and Boeing are planning to open their regional manufacturing plants in this
Now with the growing and booming market of China, where many US and
European companies has regional and manufacturing head offices, these
European nations will soon start Chinese language to cater and counter
Chinese business. This shows how much important is to learn Chinese,
Mandarin, Arabic and Spanish languages. Keeping in mind that Short course
and languages are not sufficient but we have to introduce these foreign
languages in schools and colleges as compulsory subject where student may
choose anyone between Spanish or Chinese-Mandarin.
M. Moazen Bilal


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