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Open Source Verb System


*Good morning:*


*You might like to consider adding a language to our Verb system below.*


*Best wishes.*





*1. Issues in Bilingual and Modern Language Education*, by Adolph Caso,
Kindle edition only, ISBN 9780828324052******

    In these various essays, written over a period of twenty years while
serving as a foreign language teacher and Director of a K-12 Bilingual
Department, Adolph (Adolfo) Caso reacted to various educational situations
while championing the need for limited or non English-speaking foreign
students to maintain fluency in their native languages.****

    Adolfo came to America when eleven years old, knowing his native
dialect (classifiable, therefore, as semi-lingual). He completed only the
first grade in his native country; then, after entering the American School
System as a sixth grader, he successfully completed all of the public
school graduation requirements without any native language assistance.
Having been placed in another foreign language, before long, he was more
fluent in that language rather than his own. Nevertheless, he finished his
bachelor degree from Northeastern University and his Arts Master degree
from Harvard.****

** **

*2.  Kaso English to Italian (Phonemic) Dictionary*, by Adolph Caso, E-Book
Edition, ISBN 9780828320825****

    Goal: The immediate goal of this Dictionary is twofold:****

    1) Implement the last phase in establishing a one-to-one relationship
between Italian phonemes (sounds) and graphemes (letters of the alphabet).**

    2) Implement the first phase in establishing a one-to-one relationship
between English phonemes and graphemes, and make English easier to read, to
spell and to pronounce (the word to spell does not really exist in Italian).

    Usage: This Dictionary can be used by any individual wishing to acquire
or improve English and Italian language skills. It serves as a quick
reference for standard spelling of English and Italian words, and offers
suggestions on how to better grasp the pronunciation of the two languages.
Because of the proposed changes, the Dictionary would also serve as a tool
in developing better reading and writing skills, allowing the user to
simultaneously look at lines of four words in their standard, translated
and transcribed forms.****

** **

*3.  Kaso Verb Conjugation System—English, Spanish and Italian*. Adolph
Caso. ISBN 9780828321204 (Open Source—Consider adding verbs from other

    This unique Verb Conjugation System allows complete split-second
conjugation of verbs in English, Spanish, and Italian--in any order. Twenty
two columns of verb-related information allow tense-related comparisons in
any or all three languages—instantly! What is the Present progressive of to
go? Type or choose it from the list, click on that tense, and it quickly
appears on the screen.****

    Click the Spanish *Progresivo presente* and it quickly appears next to
its English counterpart. Click on Italian, and you have all three. Reverse
the order and you will feel the power behind this awesome System.****

    If verb phrases or infinitives are not in the data base, or exist in
one language and not the other, you are immediately notified.****

** **

*4.  Bilingual Two Language Assessment Battery of Tests (English, Spanish,
Portuguese, French, Italian, Vietnamese, Chinese, Russian*),  Adolph Caso,
ISBN 9780828320948****

    To be administered to students or adults having any second grade or
higher level language proficiency either in his/her Native Language or in
English, including ESL (English as a Second Language) students.****

    This Battery of Tests can be administered to public and private
school Limited
English Proficiency (LEP) students, or any adult or potential employee. It
is also suited for students in modern language classes to determine rate of
language acquisition, any individual having two proficiencies in his/her
Native Language and English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French,
Vietnamese, Chinese, and Russian, or any individual having proficiency in
three or more languages.

** **

** **


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