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 The 2014 GSIT International conference, “East and West Communication in
the Era of Lingua Franca”,

Dear Colleagues,

Hosted by the Graduate School of Interpretation & Translation (GSIT) at
Hankuk University of Foreign Studies in Seoul, South Korea, the 2014
International conference, “*East and West Communication in the Era of
Lingua Franca*”,  will be opened, 2-3 June 2014, Please check the program
and write back, if necessary. (contact:* alainshin at hanmail.net
<alainshin at hanmail.net> *).

If you want an official invitation, contact with *alainshin at hanmail.net
<alainshin at hanmail.net>*

With kind regards

PS. For some colleagues who haven’t sent us yet text of presentation,
please remind that we look forward to your text which *could be copied so
that all participants are given the written version.*

  *June 2 *

*A. Hall*

*The 14th GSIT International Conference *

*“East-West Communication in the Era of Lingua Franca”*




Opening Ceremony

Congratulatory Speech: Kim In-cheol (President of HUFS)

Opening Speech: Bang Gyo-young (Dean of GSIT)

Moderater: Kwak Joong-cheol (HUFS)


Keynote Speech

Mar­tin Forstner (Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz, Germany)

           English as a lingua franca and Interpretation & Translation


A/V Presentation

11:00 Robert Phillipson (Copenhagen Business School, Denmark)

     English as a lingua franca, myths and realities

11:20 Harold Schiffman (University of Pennsylvania, USA)

     Language Policy, Diglossia, and Linguistic Register: What happens when

     L-variety languages try to modernize?

11:40 Pierre Frath (Université de Reims Champagne-Ardenne, France)

     The dire consequences of the hegemony of English in research and





13:00 Charles Xavier Durand (IFI, France)

     Misperceptions tied to the status of English posing as a lingua franca

13:30 Juliane House (Universität Hamburg, Germany)

     English as a global lingua franca: A threat to multilingual
communication and


14:00 Michaela Albl-Mikasa (Zurich University of Applied Sciences, Swiss)

     Conference interpreting in times of English as a lingua franca (ELF)

     – changing variables and requirement

14:30 Marie-Josée de Saint Robert (French Ministry for Foreign Affairs,

     L’alternance codique et le mélange des codes anglais et français en



Coffee Break


*The Proceeding Report (ITRI)*


15:30 Frank Peeters (University of Antwerpen, President of CIUTI, Belgium)

      Not Communicated

16:00 Lee Hye-Seung (University of Suwon, Korea)

      Translator's invisibility and evaluation of translation quality

16:30 Wang Dili (Beijing Foreign Studies University, China)

     On the development of the T&I studies in China in the last decade

17:00 Sonia Benghida(University of Lyon)

     Ce que l’anglais veut dire chez français bilingues

*June 2 *

*Lotte Hotel*

*The 10th CIUTI Membership Celebration*


Moderator : Hannelore Lee-Jahnke (Université de Genève)

                  -Celebrating Speeches*: *Frank PEETERS (President of

Martin FORSTNER (Secretary General of CIUTI)

-Congratulatory Speech: KIM In-cheol (President of HUFS)
-Words of Gratitude: BANG Gyo Young (Dean of GSIT)

Dinner, Funfest

*June 3*

*A Hotel*

*The 14th GSIT International Conference*

*“East-West Communication in the Era of Lingua Franca”*


11:00 Lee Hee-soo (University of Hanyang, Korea)

      The path of language communication: Mutual understanding of the Silk
Road, Arabic, Persian, and Turkish

11:30 Bang Gyo-young (HUFS, Korea)

      Anthropo-linguistic differences between English and Russian

12:00 Chun Tai-tyun (HUFS, Korea)

      Truth and falsehood of language protection policies in the Malay-Indo




13:30 Jeremy Munday (University of  Leeds, UK)

      Waiting for the title

14:00 Marie Orange River-Lasan (Université de Paris 7- Denis Diderot,

      Korean Language in France

14:30 Kim Wook-dong (HUFS, Korea)

     The problem of vulgar language in translation: Focusing on the debate

     Kim Jin-seop and Yang Ju-dong


*Coffee Break*


15:20 Yi Yeong-houn (Korea University, Korea)

      Translation and Korean: A conceptual review

16:00 Seo You-kyung (HUFS, Korea)

      Language policies and their significance in the Soviet era

16:30 Cho Young-hak (Professional translator, Korea)

      Translation as chemical customizing

17:00 Lim Hyo-sang (Kyung Hee University, Korea)

      Problems of Spanish-Korean proverb translation


*Round Table*

*June 3*

*Salle 503*

*The 14th GSIT International Conference*

*“East-West Communication in the Era of Lingua Franca”*


11:00 Park Jang-soon (Hongik University, Korea)

      Foreign language translation and Korea’s export of cultural contents

11:30 Lee Hyun-kyung (HUFS, Korea)

     Transliteration of English in translation of children’s literature

12:00 Park So-young (HUFS, Korea )

     Female interpreters in colonial periods




13:30 Lee Juriae (HUFS, Korea)

      Semiotic analysis of Korean-Japanese movie poster translations

14:00 Yu Jung-hwa (HUFS, Korea)

       Comparison of interpreting culture from the viewpoint of
interpreters’ social status

14:30 Kwon Sang-mi, Kim Ji-eun et al. (HUFS, Korea)

New perspectives and challenges in song translation arising from
differences in information packaging strategies between English and Korean


*Coffee Break*


15:20 Yun Hu-nam (Hongik University, Korea)

       Fluency in East and West and its double-sidedness

16:00 Kim Naja (Doctor)

       Medical interpreting and East-West culture

16:30 Park Mi-jun, Park Se-ri et al. (HUFS, Korea)

       Compromise strategies for English-into-Korean song translation: How
to handle syntactic and prosodic parallel structures

17:00 Lee Seung Jae(Kyung Hee University, Korea)

       World English and Konglish from the college student perspective


*Round Table*



 Harold F. Schiffman

Professor Emeritus of
 Dravidian Linguistics and Culture
Dept. of South Asia Studies
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6305

Phone:  (215) 898-7475
Fax:  (215) 573-2138

Email:  haroldfs at gmail.com

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