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Mangalore : JKS initiates global Konkani survey 'Hanv Konkani'

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*Mangalore, Nov 1 :* Jagotik Konknni Songhotton (JKS), as an initial step
towards formulating the Language Plan for Konkani, with a view to
impartially assess the strengths and weaknesses of Konkani language and
culture – is conducting the ‘Hanv Konkani – Global Survey’.

This Survey will be conducted among Konkanis of every region, religion
dialect and script, around the world. A detailed Questionnaire will be
circulated, for Konkanis to answer. The data so collected will be
scientifically analysed and based on the findings, the Konkani Language
Plan will be drafted for implementation at the local, regional, national
and global levels – to ensure a secure future for Konkani.

With the noble intention of taking Konkani to the future and to motivate
every Konkani person, organisation and institution to direct his/her/its
activities, energies and resources towards this goal, JKS is in the process
of drafting the Konkani Language Plan. The process involves –

(i) Assessing the strengths and weaknesses of Konkani language and culture.
(ii) Preparing the roadmap for Konkani’s progress and future (short-term
and long-term plans).
(iii) Implementation of this Plan by every Konkani person and organisation,
around the world.

As the first step, this Global Survey is undertaken. The Global Conclave
that assembled in August this year, has constituted a Steering Committee to
guide and oversee this mammoth task – the Konkani Language Plan will also
be the basis of the Konkani Language Policy that will be prepared and
submitted to concerned governments for implementation.

*Present at the press meet:*

Eric Ozario - Secretary General, JKS
Louis J. Pinto - Treasurer, JKS
K. K. Utharan - Vice President (India), JKS
Ravishankar Rao - Member, Steering Committee
Harriet Vidyasagar - Member, Steering Committee

JKS seeks the participation of every Konkani in this historic effort.

For details and Questionnaire please contact: jksglobe at gmail.com/
konkaniglobalsurvey at gmail.com


Life would be quite chaotic if not planned. The world would neither
progress nor prosper. And therefore, realising and respecting this simple
truth, man undertakes planning at the personal, family, professional,
community, national, international – in short, at every level. The
difference between the planned and the unplanned is like farming and
allowing things to grow wild. While regulated farming will fetch one
profitable results, wild growth, though may seem lush and green, will be
erratic and will contribute very little to economic development.

Same is the case with Konkani. It exists in so many regions around the
world, survives in different difficult terrains, at times under very
hostile conditions, might on the surface even look flourishing and thriving
in so many varieties, shades and hues; but due to sheer lack of planning –
at the local, regional, national and at the international levels – lacks
the movement forward. No wonder therefore, its future looks bleak and

The world is progressing at a very fast pace. Because everything around us
is meticulously planned, well thought-out, scientifically organised,
professionally managed and consciously developed. Because Konkani has never
bothered to follow these norms, Konkani is unable to keep pace with the
world around, and as a result, there is not only the fear of it being
left-out, but also being wiped-out.


It is with this grave concern in mind, that Konkani Language Planning is
being proposed. I would prefer to call it ‘Konkani Planning’ rather than
‘Konkani Language Planning’, because, what we are envisaging is not just
the revival, development, standardisation of the language, but much beyond.
It engulfs the preservation, promotion, enrichment and transmission of a
vibrant language and an ancient culture, in all its variety and colours.
‘Konkani Planning’ therefore, is all about taking Konkani (language &
culture) forward, on to the future.

Language Planning is usually undertaken by the state or with state support.
In Konkani’s case no state has come forward to plan for it. Even the one
state that could have done it, has taken a very partisan, biased stand on
the issue, confounding the confusion. Therefore, it is inevitable that
Konkani Language Planning has to be initiated and executed through private
initiative. Private initiative on such a colossal issue suffers from very
many disadvantages. For example –

(i) Lack of Resources: Language Planning, to be initiated and implemented
at the global level, calls for huge resources. Governments are able to
mobilise the same without much effort. For a private initiative to raise
this, calls for a herculean endeavour.

(ii) Lack of Authority: A private initiative suffers from the lack of
authority to enforce or to make people accept the proposals. All that a
private initiative can do is – educate, cajole, coax and motivate.
Therefore, it is imperative that the whole process (of planning and
execution), be transparent, all inclusive and should take into confidence
and involve everyone of the participants.


Konkani’s greatest misfortune has been that there never existed an
enlightened, all-inclusive, forward-looking, progressive-thinking,
proactive leadership, even at the national level. At the global level,
leadership was simply nonexistent. The leadership that prevailed at the
national level, was hopelessly mired in its ill-advised, ‘exclusive’ and
highly damaging ‘script-politics’ – making the acceptance of the Nagari
script (by hook or crook), by all and sundry, the precondition for Konkani
unity. ‘Ek Bhas, Ek Lipi, Ek Sahitya, Ek Samaz...’, a highly dangerous
fascist / brahmanical slogan it professed and practised in all its 75 years
of existence, instead of uniting, it divided Konkanis on ‘script’ lines.
And also because the leadership was too engrossed in attempting to impose
one script over the Konkani world, they simply could not visualise Konkani
beyond the script issue.

The foolishness and the damaging effect of such a lopsided argument has
been proved beyond doubt, in all these years. This detrimental policy of
imposing one variety and destroying others – despite manipulations, despite
capturing power centres and despite enticing individuals and communities
with sops and goodies – has not only failed to work, but has created rifts,
gulfs and disunity among Konkanis. Such a leadership can only act as a
millstone around Konkani’s neck, hampering its progress, unity and
endangering its very existence.


Fortunately, Jagotik Konknni Songhotton (JKS), is now established on the
solid all-inclusive principles of – ‘Respect for all Variety – Unity in
Diversity’ – to provide leadership for Konkani issues and people at the
local, regional, national and global level. Though just 3 years old, it is
now providing the leadership that Konkani badly lacked but urgently

Naturally, therefore, Konkani Language Planning – its initiation and
implementation, has become the responsibility and duty of JKS. JKS proposes
to undertake and execute this historic task successfully, with the
co-operation, participation and support of every Konkani individual,
organisation and institution around the world.

With genuine love for Konkani and true concern for its preservation,
enrichment and its transmission to future generations, JKS proposes Konkani
Language Planning – taking into consideration the challenges posed and also
harnessing the possibilities provided by the globalisation juggernaut.


So, what would Konkani Language Planning involve?

1. A fair and impartial assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of
Konkani language and culture, vis-a-vis other languages.

2. Drawing-up a road-map and setting short-term and long-term goals and
priorities (at the local, regional, national and global level) to enrich
and develop Konkani and take it forward to the future.

3. Identifying the hurdles, impediments and challenges in achieving these
goals and finding-out ways and means to overcome them.

4. Recruiting the involvement of every Konkani (individual, organisation
and institution) to direct all available energies and resources – in the
achievement of these goals.

5. Establishing a mechanism to monitor the implementation and also to check
and counter-check periodically the progress.

6. But above all, to begin with, initiate a process by which – ideas,
opinions, suggestions (on the above points)can be collected from every
Konkani organisation around the world.


The First Sitting (on Oct. 12, 2014), of the Konkani Language Planning
Steering Committee will deliberate upon the above proposals and prepare a
detailed questionnaire to be circulated around the world, for feedback,
based on which the Second Sitting (on March 29, 2015) will draft the
proposed plan, which again will be circulated the world over for further
suggestions, rectification and alteration. The 3rd and the Final Sitting of
the Steering Committee (on Aug. 22, 2015) will finalise the draft to be
presented to the 2nd Global Conclave on Konkani Language Planning, on Aug.
23, 2015; to be passed and implemented. JKS takes full responsibility for
the entire process – from initiation to implementation. JKS also realises
that it is a life-time commitment and is up to the enormous task.

*Click Here <http://daijiworld.com/frm_konkaniSurvey/> for ONLINE GLOBAL

- One from each house may answer this Questionnaire.
- Please answer all questions honestly, without bias, impartially.-
- Answer questions to the best of your knowledge. Kindly do not hazard a
- The success of this historic process depends entirely on your immediate
- Kindly tick all relevant boxes – even more than one where necessary.
- Please encourage others to answer this Questionnaire and to participate
in the Survey.
- *Your identity will be kept a secret and the information will be used
only for the Survey.*

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