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Dear Colleagues,

In unabashed self-promotion, I would like to let you know about a new
publication. At least my self-promotion comes with a 20% discount! See
below and/or attached PDF.


Sam (Selma K.) Sonntag


Department of Politics

Humboldt State University

Arcata, CA  95521 USA

E-mail: Selma.Sonntag at humboldt.edu

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Edited by Linda Cardinal

and Selma K. Sonntag

An original and provocative collection

of essays on how state traditions

inform language policy choices

in Asia, Europe and North America

Language policies are political. They have political consequences as well
as political origins. In *State Traditions and Language Regimes*, scholars
from Asia, Europe, and North America shift focus from the consequences of
language policies to how and why states make language policy choices – the
state being the main “governing” actor of language policy choices. This
shift, theorized through the concept of “language regime,” inserts an
urgently needed political science perspective into the current dialogue
between sociolinguists who research the societal effects of language
policies and political theorists of language rights who analyze the
normative implications of policies.

New analytical tools drawn from comparative politics are showcased to
analyze paths taken by different states in establishing language regimes,
at times disrupted and redirected at critical junctures. Contributions to
the volume include analyses of Canada’s increasingly court-driven language
policies, the United States’ bifurcated language regime in the aftermath of
9/11, Ireland’s conflicted protection of the Irish language, France’s
linguistic Jacobin tradition disrupted by Europeanization, the role of
political parties and coalitions in language regime stability and change in
Taiwan and Southeast Asia, Poland’s war-torn history informing language
policy toward regional languages, and the role of English in international

While other books look at the political and societal effects of language
policy, none seeks to employ a historical institutionalism approach which
sets language policy choice in the institutional context of power relations
embedded in state traditions. *State Traditions and Language Regimes *offers
a comparative politics perspective, one that enriches interdisciplinary
debates on language policy.

*“By pulling together a series of essays that focus on the political and
institutional aspects of language policy regimes in a variety of countries
around the world, this book introduces information and it analyses multiple
specific aspects of language regimes in a very productive and coherent way.
It makes a major contribution to the disciplines of political science and
language policy studies.”*

Ronald Schmidt, California State University

Linda Cardinal is Professor of Politics and holder of the Research Chair on
Francophonie and Public Policy and the University of Ottawa.

Selma K. Sonntag is Professor of Politics at Humboldt State University in
California and Chair of the Research Committee on the Politics of Language
of the International Political Science Association.

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